Lawyer Nelly stool: Nekljaev on being complained

The only person who reported seeing Neklyaeva after his capture at the Hospital ambulance — Nelly decoy duty counsel. She was present when giving explanations Neklyaeva investigator in the KGB detention center in the evening on December 20.

The correspondent of the newspaper "People's Will" Olga GRYNIEWICKI phoned to Nelly stool and asked her a few questions.

— Nelly P., please tell me how to felt Nyaklyayeu? To still with it can not meet his lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. One gets the impression that someone intentionally did not allow her to his client, and therefore there are versions: that Nekljaev so bad that it concealed from relatives and lawyers …

— He felt fine, and gave an explanation to the investigator. By the end of the interrogation said that headache. Perhaps tired. But do not complain. If he's an investigator and I was asked not to interrupt the interrogation, if it does not feel good, he replied that he was ready to answer all questions. He answered the questions clearly, clearly.

How to look like? Excited because the situation. Eye had a bruise on his head traces of green fodder.

— So you think that there is no danger to his health?

— He did not complain. Saying only that he was taken to the hospital with no clothes. But the clothes he was given. Who? I do not know. It was pulover, trousers, he was in the shoe.

— And he asked the investigator?

— I can not talk about it. We charge a subscription for nerazgaloshanne information because there is a consequence.

I can only say that Nekljaev gave an explanation. At that time he was detained, not arrested. Now, perhaps, he was already elected a measure of restraint.

— And what could he give an explanation?

— Explained happened. Which he was involved.

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