Like the Greeks are going to fight to the lack of budget?

Like the Greeks are going to deal with the budget deficit?Last debate on how to pay off the raging crisis in the Eurozone. The cause has long been identified as a: Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and other immense debts, and oh so with this premise to beat, no one knows. Now even the leading professionals in the sector of the economy can not with sufficient conviction to predict the evolution of the situation. One common example is the situation with the Greek disadvantage of the municipal budget. Predicted that as a result of the crisis does not exceed 9.5-10 billion euros, but on the basis of the analysis it was found that he had already passed the mark of 20 billion euros. Accordingly, to reduce the lack at least to the level of predictable, the Greeks will again have to tighten their belts. But how?

In this regard, some Greek governors decided to go for a very unusual ways. So immediately in several towns and it was decided to abandon the street lighting at night time in general, or for the purpose to use LED lighting. According to local analysis services found that in the process of innovation saves about 3% of the budget funds of cities. Not much, of course, but at least some savings for the country, which has recently time by loans from Brussels and Berlin was not used to tighten their belts.

Someone pays its attention on the street lighting, and someone decides to install the Greek motorways additional cameras that record high-speed mode violations. This idea of the Greek municipalities have filed the Germans again. In Germany, specifically the camera who listen to cars whose drivers exceed the speed became good inventory to replenish the municipal budgets of several cities in the various federal states of the country. By the way decided to go and Greeks. Only then is the (Greek) problems. Germans and would never turn away from paying a fine, but in the middle of the Greeks defaulters so that the authorities do not know what to do with them.

It turns out that the belts to the Greeks and other southern Europeans need to tighten, but only with themselves no hurry to begin. The ideas on the implementation of LED lighting in the streets, of course, are not bad, but the problem of growing financial neuvvyazkami need to be addressed more dramatic ways. And if such methods are found in the coming time not, then Greece will soon simply fly out of the Eurozone.

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