Loch Ness monster is coming back?


Simon Dinsdale, a retired detective from the English county of Essex, gave broadcaster BBC BBC sensational interview in which he said that twice met with the famous monster of Loch Ness. The interest of a former policeman to Nessie is not accidental: in 1960, his father was able to capture an object similar to the legendary monster.

According to legend, in the lake of Loch Ness has long been inhabited by a creature resembling an ancient dinosaur. It lives at the bottom of the lake and is very rarely seen on the surface, so it is hard to see. However constantly bring new and new evidence for the existence of Nessie — so dubbed the animal by the name of the lake.

For example, the Roman legionnaires who came to this area in the beginning of the Christian era, found there a stone sculptures, made by the ancient Celts: sculptures depicting native species — from mice to deer. Only one animal legionnaires were not able to "identify" — it was like a seal, but it had a huge size and very long neck.

From the middle of XIX century began to appear numerous testimonies of people who assured to have seen a monster living in the lake with my own eyes. However, no evidence of this "witnesses" could not imagine.

In the spring of 1933 in the newspaper "Inverness Courier" was published a detailed account of the spouses McKay about their encounter with the monster. It was the beginning of a major public relations campaign, which aimed to attract tourists to this region. Authorities ordered to cut down the trees and shrubs on the north shore of the reservoir and lay it on the road. Now everyone could easily enjoy the beauty of the largest freshwater lake in Britain, and at the same time get a chance to see firsthand the Nessie.

In August 1933, there was another notable incident with Nessie. This time the witnesses were three guests. In their eyes the lake is usually calm, suddenly became agitated and seemed out of the water a few humps in a row, move, according to witnesses, in waves, like a caterpillar …

After this "encounter" with Nessie began to occur regularly. But as a rule, eyewitnesses told you about "suspicious spots" on the water, the dark about some uncertain objects that can be, for example, driftwood. And no one could boast that he had seen the whole thing.

In 1934, the existence of Nessie seemed to be finally found a real confirmation. London surgeon Robert Kenneth Wilson went to the vicinity of Loch Ness to sit back and watch the birds — it was his hobby. I "accidentally" photographed being resurfaced from the water! The picture shows clearly could see the head of the monster!

For a long time the photo was considered genuine. It was only in 1994, it was established that it is a fake, the result of a hoax Wilson and his three friends: in fact, the picture was captured toy submarine. Attached to it, "head monster", of course, was also a toy.

But back to the father of the former police officer Simon Dinsdale — Tim Dinsdale. He made his videotaped from the air during an expedition to the lake. Experts who are committed to the film, admitted it real. However, they took their time with the conclusion that it captures the monster, but is confined to the phrase "unknown inanimate object".

For a long time, the film has attracted the attention of researchers Loch Ness phenomenon, while in 2005 was not carried out a second examination using the most modern technologies. After that, it was announced that "inanimate object" only a trace of the boat had rowed.

Meanwhile, Simon Dinsdale has insisted that the film is Nessie. According to a retired detective, he had long studied the footage and concluded that it's still a living being, and is likely to do Raptor. "I have experience working with the evidence, and I can assure you that live in the lake something huge and unknown," — said Dinsdale press.

Moreover — a former detective claims that he ever met personally with Nessie!

"I saw this huge, incredible facility — says Simon Dinsdale. — It was like the back of a large animal."

According to Dinsdale, to reddish-brown in color, about five feet wide, towered far above the water. On the left side of the object could be seen a build-up.

Can you believe a retired police officer? On the one hand, the "testimony" of professional detective deserve more attention than the story of an ordinary witness. On the other hand, there is still not one hundred percent proof that the Loch Ness really inhabits some unknown creature. Yes, and advertising for the tourists should not be forgotten … Maybe enthusiasts "Loch Ness phenomenon" again wishful thinking?

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