Locust invasion in Irkutsk region

Locusts stepping on the field in the Irkutsk region.  Photo from the site www.bagnet.orgIn the 7th district of Irkutsk region whole flock ruthless locusts devouring farmland. Pests have occupied 42 thousand hectares.

Experts say that the insects begin to hurt particularly active planting in dry and hot weather. Indeed, in many places, Angara has not rained for over a month, the day the thermometer shows 37 degrees. The bright sun burned out grass hayfields and pastures, that locusts and pounced on crops even earlier than usual. In addition, pests multiply actively in abandoned fields.

— Especially a lot of locusts in Irkutsk, Usolsky, Bayanday, Ekhirit-Balagatskom, Kachug, Alarsky, Nukutsky areas — said "KP" deputy branch FSI "Rosselhoztsentr" in Irkutsk Oblast Vladimir Vernitsky. — Every day we are monitoring the situation. The situation is complicated, which is close to critical. In the Irkutsk region, we have already announced high alert — here locusts spread of 10.5 hectares. At any time, may declare emergency mode. But we are taking all measures to prevent this from happen.

According to Vladimir Vernitsky, special chemicals locusts treated only 7.7 hectares of perennial grasses and grains for funds from private farms. Farmers kill pests on a special technique.

— The Ministry of Agriculture has created a stockpile of funds to buy insecticides — locusts die from them — adds Vladimir. — Money
should allocate up to July 1. The mayors of municipalities are also aware of the problem. Now grain devouring locusts, called Phillips, temnokrylaya filly and belopolosaya, Siberian filly.

Average number — about 20, and sometimes up to 160 copies per 1 m2. Differ enviable appetite and larvae and adult insects — they eat the leaves and the plant dies.

In the near future, hoping to experts, most of the fields are processed.

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