Locust invasion in the Volgograd region



31 maya.Volgogradskaya reg., Ilovinsky district, Kolotsky farm
In the hamlet Kolotsky Ilovlya district began locusts that devours all vegetation in their path. The local people are struggling with it on their own, because from the district administration is not any help. At the moment, stop and destroy locusts fails.

1 iyunya.Prodolzhaetsya locust. People as they can fight it, but with mixed results: while destroying them in one place, swarms of locusts appear elsewhere. The district administration still does not work, and only advises "more spray pesticides", referring to the fact that the funds to fight the locusts not unnecessarily use of locust control falls under the diversion.

In Kamyshin area also, locusts have destroyed or damaged about 200 acres of melons. At the moment it became known that in a regime of emergency because of locusts, as revealed many foci of its appearance, and will be allocated money to destroy it, but time is already hopelessly lost, after a while the locusts "will be on the wing" and cause even more damage. Emergency response instructed heads of rural settlements, so nothing has changed. So that local people continue to struggle with misfortune on their own, trying to preserve what's left in the garden.


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