Locusts reached Volgograd

Locusts reached Volgograd

2.06.11.Sarancha or Italian locust were observed in half of the districts of the Volgograd region. In Kamyshin district emergency awarded the first degree.

Among the seriously injured — Verhnedobrinskoe, Vodnobuerachnoe, Talovskoye settlement which has not yet flying and crawling locust swarms have already destroyed or damaged about 200 acres of melons.

As the press service of the regional administration, the current difficult situation caused by the large amount of uncultivated land. Roshen plots of land without status, and the edge of the woods, gullies, ravines — perfect resort for locusts. What is urgently necessary chemical treatment both employed and derelict land, as early as last year, the Italian locust made of masonry, and this opened up the capsule with the potential for thousands of animals each.

The problem is that the right to hold her head in advance of rural communities do not have, because such spending falls under the diversion. Only the first power emergency funds consumed by them on measures to combat locusts cease considered improper and may be compensated.

That's just not at all municipal entities have this facility on time and wait for them to return from the regional budget. But most of the districts have already started to deal with the looming cloud of locusts. Recall that in the last year because of drought and locust invasion destroyed half the crop in the Volgograd region. In addition, insects and flew to Volgograd, "barricaded himself" was not only the building, but even the Motherland at Mamaev Kurgan.

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