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Proper design of the apartment will help establish privacy and become rich. How to arrange the items in the house, what color to paint the walls, what to buy paintings to our life better, tell feng shui. "This is not a fashion, and this is something that exists, whether you want it or not, acceptable or deny. This ancient Chinese teaching about energy cooperation of the world, man and his property. If there is a balance between man and nature and the house — he is given more — says designer interior design studio "Butterfly" Olga Hoopoe. — Feng Shui helps to see in their home weaknesses and correct them. "

— Olga, how to understand where our flat zone of wealth and love, how to fix the bad and reinforce good?

— To do this, feng shui bagua grid is used, it divides the house into zones (see figure). Only nine of them — the most important, according to Chinese theory, aspects of life: wealth, fame, love and marriage, family, health, children and creativity, wisdom, and knowledge, career, assistants and travel. First, on a piece of paper draw a plan of the apartment, at least in an approximate scale of 1 m. m = 1 cell. Place the compass in the center of the apartment, and define the points of the compass (arrow always points north). Break up of the home into 9 equal parts, each write side of the world to which it corresponds. Bagua grid set, where some areas: East — family, health, north — a career, etc. There is a more accurate method — not to break the flat rectangles, and sectors — according to the directions on the compass degrees. Then the plan will be similar to cut into triangular pieces of cake. For each zone, there are preferred and undesirable color, the main elements (earth, water, fire, wood or metal), the form, the characters — they are also given in the figure. Knowing them, you can activate your desired destination.

— Is it true that the area of feng shui relate to real life?

— Of course. People turn to us girls who have not built up personal life. Come home to advise, and in the area of marriage — Pantry, where they throw dirty clothes, trash. If you can not move it, you need to add to the zone of positive energy. And the personal life is getting better.

— How to add energy?

— If you feel a lack in some areas of life — choose the appropriate zone and put there additional lighting. Be careful with candles, in some areas they are undesirable. For example, if you love the area in the southwest of the candles are appropriate, then to the south-east they symbolically burn your money. Reinforce the area in the right color, symbols and forms. Do you want to move up the career ladder — put in the northern part of the house or metal figurine fountain turtle. Not enough health — strengthens the center of the apartment: keep on the table a vase with peaches, hang a beautiful chandelier.

— You can put a frog into a zone of wealth and the right to be a millionaire?

— One frog is not limited. We need to take a set of measures, at least — to go to work. Furnish a house figurines, flowers close corners and wait for a knock on the door with a bag of gold prince — do not live here with my princess? — This is stupid. Feng Shui helps a person, but does not make him all the cases.

— And if the apartment is not a band?

— Many of our apartments with the letter "G". And some part of the cut is obtained: there may be no area of wealth or knowledge. And people do not even know why he has been losing money, and everything is new to him is given with great difficulty. If the missing angle visually added by using certain methods — you can change things for the better. You can make it easier — not activate this area of the apartment in general, and in a separate room. For example, the plan room you are missing the south-western sector. Apply the bagua grid into a bedroom or lounge and strengthen interesting area.

— Feng Shui means "wind-water". One of the objectives of Feng Shui — to ensure uniform circulation of positive Chi energy in any room. How to do it?

— To master the vital energy to circulate freely around the room, giving you strength and positive, you should always keep the apartment clean and tidy. Get rid of the junk, unnecessary things. Particular importance is given to well-washed transparent windows — through which energy enters the house.


Olga Hoopoe

Designer interior design studio "Butterfly":

— In our house a lot of annoying harmony factors. For example, a mirror. If used well they can activate some zone, but to work with them to be very careful. We can not have people sleeping reflected in a mirror. It is believed that the mirror — the door to other worlds. And you're traveling while you sleep, you can not go back, and you can look out visitors. And many beds are in front of mirrored wardrobes. Open them at night is not desirable — after all the chaos inside, too, will not be anything positive. You can put in front of a screen, or to put on the bottom of the matte film with a beautiful pattern — such services offer a variety of design agencies.

Another common negative factor — the ceiling beams, shelves and sharp corners. Positive energy are rounded, all that sharp, — negative.

It is advisable not to have on the tip line seating area and work space, do not sleep under the beam, do not sit in front of sharp corners or slide cabinet. If you eliminate this neighborhood does not work, you can disguise it — to put on the corner hanging flower. Also bad, when your neighbor's house is directed angle of the building, or outside the window stands a tower crane, power lines, etc. In this case, you can place on a windowsill plant or hang a wind chime.

Symbols of love and wealth

Mascots and symbols can help achieve this. Only they should be placed in the respective zones.

Oranges — Gold

Butterfly — love and joy

Bamboo — Longevity

Dried flowers — rejected love, negative

Veer — protection

Globe — good luck in training

Garnet — many offspring

Geese (pair) — fidelity in marriage

Dragon — the ultimate symbol of good luck

Goldfish — success in financial affairs

Bells — dissipate the negative energy

Beautiful scenery — good luck in life

Swallows — success and abundance

Elephant — the power

Dog — Protection

Owl — a reputation, wisdom, good name

Mandarin ducks (pair) — happiness in love

Fountain — the richness and abundance of

Turtle — longevity and prosperity, career

Directions — the number of Gua

Each person has a favorable or unfavorable direction in parts of the world. In good directions preferably positioned during sleep, cooking and eating, leisure and work, in their way is better to have the front door and a stove. Bad lead to imbalance — a man sleeps worse, is not got work, family life.

— Sometimes people intuitively choose the right direction for themselves. You, for example, talking with me, and sat down facing east. This favorable trend is for you. Our conversation goes easily, can be quickly written article, the chief praise you for it. And someone wrote a long time, every line of it is a struggle. And he does not even understand why … And there are many examples, — says Olga Hoopoe. — One person in life carries — goes to a prestigious university the first time, buying an apartment in the center and inexpensive, good job, great family … And the other — no family, no home of its own. Even those bad dresses and sit. Masters of Feng Shui believe that much of our lives depend on our position with respect to parts of the world.

Determine the desired direction can calculate the number of Gua: it is present in every person.

1. Fold the last two digits of your birth year (remember, on the eastern calendar year begins on February 4-5). If it goes through a two-digit number, add the digits again. For example, consider for 1978 (7 +8 = 15, 1 +5 = 6) and 2006 (0 +6 = 6) years of birth.

2. Next, calculate the number of Gua:

Men: subtract the resulting number of 10 (10-6 = 4);

for women: to the resulting number should add 5 (6 +5 = 11, 1 +1 = 2);

for boys born after 2000: the resulting number to subtract from 9 (9-6 = 3). By the way, born in 2009, the number of boys Gua 9;

Girls born after 2000: add 6 (6 +6 = 12, 1 +2 = 3).

People Gua number of which is 1, 3, 4 and 9 relate to the east group. For them, the favorable north, east, south-east and south.

People by Gua which is 2, 6, 7 and 8 relate to western group. For them, the favorable north-east, south-west, north-west, west.

Marina Moskaliuk

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