Marina Fyaduta: I refused to take medication for Sasha, it needs …

An activist of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" Alexander Fyaduta arrested on the night of December 19 and 20. Well-known literary critic, candidate of philological sciences, Alexander Fyaduta Unlike many other Belarusian politicians went to jail the first time. But his wife Marina is optimistic and even a sense of humor:

"They said they detained on suspicion of organizing mass disorder, article 293 of the Criminal Code. For up to three days can delay without arrest warrants. The detention took place correctly, I stress. No violence was, no wringing his hands are not. They had gone five people. Probably to Sasha resisted make it out of the house would not be easy … I'm sorry, I'm just kidding … I asked afford to bring some medicine — the pressure, nitroglycerin, valyakardyn. He got dressed, and they took it … "

Reporter"Some politicians are already accustomed to the detention, not the first time delayed, and now Sasha intelligent …"

"Do not add me to the flames, so to speak. Today, I was explaining to them that he needs medication forWhat you need drink them every day … But there, too, people are fulfilling their duties. They can not accept it. Well, that was at least Neklyaeva dress, for he was not at all dressed in shorts and a T-shirt only. And for Sasha did not take anything. Three days had not yet passed. And there is the internal rules: that before the end of the three days you can not transfer any transfer … "



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