Mariupol to attack pets

Only 4 months of the year from the bites of dogs, cats and other animals affected 220 residents of Mariupol. This was told by the chief medical officer of Mariupol George Gusakov.

In this case, according to the SES of the 220 153 people have been bitten by pets. And in just the past year, the number of Mariupol affected by animal attacks, was 856.

Doctors say that many people have been attacked for non residents of the rules of the animals (paddock muzzled and on a leash, timely vaccination against rabies, etc.).

In many cases, adults and children provoked the animal to aggressive behavior. Most often, the animals bite children when they run or ride a bike, walk past the dogs turned on loud music, teasing animals, trying to feed them, suitable for dogs with young puppies or when an animal eats, mock animals.

Doctors recommend: If an animal bite should wash the wound immediately with plenty of running water and soap and treat 70% of the alcoholic solution of iodine. Then immediately go to the nearest emergency room. This is followed by a course of vaccinations prescribed by a doctor. In Mariupol of vaccination against rabies is in the adult clinic surgeries city hospital № № 1,2,3,4,5, clinic № 1 in the study of adult trauma clinic city hospital № 9, children's surgical department of the city hospital № 3. In case of severe bites — in all surgical departments of the city. Vaccination against rabies is the only measure that can prevent the development of disease in humans after contact with animals, because treatments such as rabies is not present. The event of failure of vaccination disease in 100% of cases resulted in death.

In the SES are reminded that those who attacked the people you can not kill the animals — the animal must be isolated and left under the supervision of a veterinarian to determine the animal is infected with rabies or not. If at the time an animal bite was painful rabies, within 10 days it will necessarily be lost.

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