Mars showed the face of the devil


Vladimir Lagowski


On the red planet discovered another monument. Skipper Joseph (Joseph P. Skipper, Investigator) — a tireless seeker of alien artifacts — presented another sensation from Mars. Skipper and his many colleagues — the virtual archaeologists — look for artifacts, exhaustively examining images from other planets, posted on the official websites. And they find. What "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has repeatedly told.




Area of the Red Planet, which produced a European probe shooting

Contributed to the opening of the current image, obtained with the help of the European Mars probe "Mars Express" (ESA's Mars Express). Using several successive images of the called Melas Chasma, the European Space Agency experts were panorama. And posted it on its website entitled "Perspective View of Melas Chasma". The panorama improvised Skipper and found "Face the devil." At the very least, what looks from the photo, it is very similar. "Just the Devil" — no doubt virtual archaeologists.

Panorama with artifacts

Opinion leader: the European Space Agency are working serious people. They are unlikely to engage in such foolishness as photoshop Martian images. Therefore, the face of the real. And probably did not notice him, laying out the panorama. Skipper polgaet that the face is carved into the rock. Its height is about 100 meters.


That United large

On the sides of the face are some obvious suspicious figures — as if man-made, too. They are marked by arrows. The left-most impressive at all. It seems that the slope watching someone's eyes. A very face seemed to have hidden layer of rock.

Who were the Martian Tsereteli, when you lived? Answers to such questions, of course not. But we can assume that they are — Tsereteli — still worked once on Mars. And their monumental artefacts preserved in one form or another. For many years they have been hidden. And then laid bare by the wind. Or from the collapse of the slopes. By the way, that's right — as a result of the collapse of the coast — on the Earth were first discovered the well-preserved remains of the frozen mammoths. They literally pop out of the slopes.

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