Massive earthquake in Romania will be felt in Ukraine and Moldova

Yesterday, in Romania there was a strong earthquake measuring 5.7 points with the epicenter in Vrancea mountain range in the southern part of the Eastern Carpathians.

The earthquake was also felt in the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. And, although seismologists said tremors were only in western Ukraine, at night they were felt even in Kiev, according to witnesses.

Fortunately severe damage and no casualties, as the epicenter was far in Vrancea Mountains in bending Srednekarpatskogo ridge at a depth of 140 km.

At the same time George Mermuryanu, director of the Romanian Institute of Earth Physics, noted that there is no expectation of more powerfulearthquake, which seismologists said earlier.

Recall that in 1977 a powerful and even catastrophicearthquakewith a force of more than 7.5 on the Richter scale occurred right in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. Then lost about 1.5 thousand people.

Such a strong natural phenomenon is expected after 2020, which could again lead to a catastrophe for the Romanians and the inhabitants of neighboring countries, including Ukraine.

In Ukraine, there are three seismically active zones — the southern coast of Crimea, Carpathians and on the border with Romania, where in the Eastern Carpathians is the most powerful seismic zone.

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