MIA has not put any of the allegations arrested the protesters on December 19

Law enforcement authorities have not yet filed charges arrested at rally on December 19, told reporters on Wednesday, Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov.

"No not yet been charged. This is a long process, we conduct an investigation, conduct interviews, examine the circumstances", — said A. Kuleshov.

Kuleshov noted that the detainees Presidential candidates, "As all the rest rioters are in the appropriate places … their actions will be legal assessment "- said Kuleshov.

"I did not count them. To me, they are not the presidential candidates, and those who violate the law. Them five or six — I absolutely all the same"- Said the head of the Interior Ministry.

Responding to a question about the health of Vladimir and Andrei Sannikov Neklyaeva, Kuleshov said that they feel normal: "They are absolutely normal and feel comfortable. No problems with the health not feel all right — at least, one of those who is in us. "

The Minister denied information about that Sannikov was supposedly fixed a broken leg, "No no fracture, just another myth," Interfax reported.

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