Miass village turned to Venice

Thunderstorms for the residents of suburban North Ovens Miass (Chelyabinsk region) turned into a disaster. Local river Kushtumga that even children wade crossed without fear, burst its banks.

Resident of Northern Ovens Alexey Zuev shows once muddy pit. Last thunderstorms joined not only by its level. Garden and greenhouse hidden spilled Kushtumgoy local river. The water stopped a few feet from the house Zuev, and their less fortunate neighbors.

"I basically hit the barnyard. The cattle hauled to the neighbors," — said a resident of the village of North Catherine Solyankina furnaces.

This summer spill in Kushtumge not remember even the old-timers, the correspondent of the "First Regional" Svetlana Tikhonova. Krasnoglinnuyu street can now be called Krasnoglinnym bay, and settlement — kushtumginskoy Venice.

Last year Poselkovaya river almost dried up, even the spring floods of recent years did not threaten local farms. But recent thunderstorms turned this disaster: flooded eight homes, under water — outbuildings, basements, baths, gardens and greenhouses. The spilled river prevented and promptly liquidate accident in electric Miheevka neighboring village.

"Because of the Rain village suffered Miheevka. Lightning struck the pole on Saturday morning at six, and the village was without electricity, two and a half days," — said the head of the Territorial District Turgoyakskoe Nicholas Chagovets.

Employees emergency situation was kept under control. In the Nordic furnaces water began to subside. In Miheevke restored the electricity supply. After Kushtumgi level subsides, the experts on the ground will decide how to protect the villagers from the new flooding.

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