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Alexander Tsekalo makes comedians cut jokes on censorship
Satirist Mikhail Zadornov right during the new year almost broke his contract with the TV channel REN TV, where his concert "castrated" by censorship. The incident led to the fact that Mikhail eventually became disillusioned with "zombiyaschike" and asked fans to rid their apartments from harmful electrical device chtobyu have more time left for reading books and intimate relationships.
Over the New Year holidays, I never turn on the television. This is — the subject of my bragging! Scandals do not interest me, vulgarity spoils the mood, advertising creates a sense that the world is full of idiots who believe them. Most of the show — broadcast live from Bald Mountain. And it all together can be called in two words — "boring fun!"

And what I finally lost it? What this is very important not found in time? The fact that the father of a daughter Kirkorov that Galkin and Pugacheva married and their wedding night was a success. What else? Ah, yes — Anatoly Chubais Dunya Smirnova marry! So if before she filmed movies are good, but now will be expensive to remove money from the privatization of Lenin's plan for electrification.
In general, to discuss any specific program, I can not, and desire no no. Pinpoint only here on what, most often in the first six days of the new year, I heard the same phrase, from whose mouth was a student: "Well, just nothing to see in the New Year holidays! One and the same person on all channels. " Thrust still our people: four in the morning to watch the New Year night show, and then in five or six states, "Well, just nothing to see!"
But most of all I am surprised that people are genuinely surprised at this! That there should be a time to hope for some truly bright television program, which before the new year may please, improve your mood, give hope to the fact that in our country a lot of talented, including young actors, directors, singers, comedians, not just the "glass menagerie" of perelitsovannyh persons.
Modern transmission creates producers! Television programs they call a professional word "product." And sell it as commercially available sausage.
And now I have something to tell the producers of these.
One of the producers, leaving a few years ago with his family for permanent residence in Israel, massacred their children appendicitis in advance, because if it is required to do in Israel, "will be released a little more expensive."
Another very well-known producer and broadcaster, has influenced the development of our television journalist was interviewed at a restaurant, where he called her, and a half hours during the conversation ate the most delicious, and she did not offer even a glass of mineral water.
One day after the shooting of my concert by Channel producer Alexander Tsekalo was to explain to me what jokes should be cut for censorship reasons. You can imagine such a thing? The man positions himself modern thinking seriously feels very ordinary Soviet censors. In this case, however, refers to the fact that the top so ordered. And what tops, no one ever did not specify.
Here is what turned out!
Do not need censors candid as in Soviet times. Enough to give money to the producers that they zaboyalis lose them, and then the Democrats, the producers themselves become censors, Cerberus.
This fashion to "vyrezalki" once asked a second channel as "live" on the public money, which gives the Kremlin. And because all of his business is based on producing suckers this dengoprovodu. God forbid you lose it. You do not have to create anything new, dangerous. It is better to be Akaka Akakievich.

All of you to know that today's producers never look that is created under their guidance. Especially can not see your own product, Mr. Oleg Dobrodeyev. He was brought up in an intellectual family, himself a good widescreen form, so I do not understand the modern television. In order to understand, he has a deputy Gennady B. Gokhshtein: marketing, franchise, and Cerberus managery in one.
To throw it all teleefirnoe skvernosklovie. Although the same Gokhshtein, in fairness it must be said, the man is very intelligent and very witty. Even then prompted me good reprise, then taken off the people. And this subtle sense of humor, people today openly says his players that the product channel — a "creative for rednecks!"
He often says artists such phrase, "I know what it takes today to the Russian people!" When he came to young writers and brought an application for a humorous television program, he candidly asked, "Where's vulgarity?" Otherwise, they say, will not be rated.
That is why in all the programs related to the entertainment industry, we see the same faces. Producers do not want young talent. They long to unwind. From those of the old profit can be obtained immediately.
Modern teledeyateli mediocre product really sure that the packaging is more important than the content. Because they themselves perceive the world only in packages.
Do not look at me!
That's why I once started to work with REN TV, and on REN TV began like this: from my last concert was carved phrases purely because of the cowardice of those who have led the channel, as well as editors and directors. The virus is contagious fear. Again, I have several times heard the same phrase, which I have heard many, many times, "This is up there, demanded cut!" Where is the top? In the Kremlin, or in heaven? Oh, no! Even higher — shareholders channel!
I have not even watched his new concert on January 1. In terms of the severity of it not just cut — castrated. It was a fun performance satirist-eunuch.
Personally, I believe that the restructuring of our broadcast must begin with the state of the Second Channel. Since they started the hypocrisy! Can, and right now it was proposed by Dmitry Medvedev, to make this particular channel in public television. Without producers. And TV are now forced to work as they "seen." Andrey Malakhov fit to teach patters to drama school. But the man of talent and is able to do more than build from a showdown with the authority in the zone.
Alexander Gordon and Vladimir Pozner — daffodils with ambitions gladiolus!
And all the other Zhindarevy and Bergman — is teleprisoski. Exalts himself, sticking to the talented people with a single purpose — to humiliate them.
And now the most important thing. You think, I think the producers all my fault? By no means! Blame for that many channels have poured so much dirt, viewers themselves! While they look like this "product" that is created for cattle, they are the cattle!
TV money rules. TV producers in the company do not even talk about women. Only about "money"! One day, at the table with them, I still offered to swap their favorite topic and talk about women. One of the producers began to complain that women were worth very big "bucks"!
Do not blame the producers that we are prepared on a platter Western dishes, slightly watered nashenskie sauce, as we do, because it all looks! And give a rating. And the producers with this rating are pretty penny! That's what I want to at least someone got it. Looked at the delivery, and no matter what you swore it: the producer is still stuck penny.
Many will say: "You yourself are the concerts on TV show. Then you do not have to watch. " Of course not!

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