Ministry of Health of Germany: E. coli E.coli spread from person to person

Minister of Health of Germany Daniel Bar reported that E. coli E.coli, which causes life-threatening infectious disease spread from person to person.

According to him, doctors have proven that in Hesse, 20 people were infected with intestinal infection by an employee of the company exit restaurant service. She herself took up the bacteria by eating contaminated beansprouts. A few days later "gave" her restaurant customers, working on the production of the ordered dishes for family parties.

In Europe, an intestinal infection caused by the bacterium E.coli, killing more than 50 people. The number of infected E. coli in Europe, more than 4 thousand people.

Dangerous intestinal infection in Europe was recorded in northern Germany. First, experts believed that the source of the disease was imported from Spain, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Infections were reported in 12 countries.

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