Mobiles officially recognized as possible carcinogens

The World Health Organization has called for the first time the radiation from mobile phones possible carcinogen to humans.
This statement was preceded by a week-long discussion, which was attended by more than thirty scientists commissioned by the International Agency for Cancer Research. The experts examined dozens of previous studies, including the two still unpublished.
A year ago, their own study of the World Health Organization found no clear link between mobile phones and cancer.
On once Scientists say that their conclusion is based in part on the relationship between mobile phone use and gliemay — a very dangerous type of brain cancer. According to one study, the active mobile users had a 40 percent greater risk of developing gliemu.

Aktyvnyya mobile users had a 40 percent greater risk of developing gliemu

The British weekly newspaper Financial Times quoted a representative of the University of Southern California Jonathan Semeta, who led a working group of scientists: "The evidence, although they have accumulated sufficient to bring about such a classification [as potential carcinogens]. This finding indicates that there may be a risk, and therefore we need to closely monitor the relationship between mobile phones and cancer risk. "
In addition due to the gliemay, some studies have also shown a possible link between the active mobile phone use and acoustic nevromay — less dangerous tumor.
An international organization representing the largest manufacturers of mobile phones, in his commentary stressed that the estimates of scientists testify that the risk is possible but not very probable.
Scientists themselves have refused to give any recommendations on the basis of the new classification, moreover, more research is needed. According to the working group, specific advice and actions should be defined by the World Health Organization and the governments of individual countries.

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