MOE expects problems due to floods in the Altai abnormal snowfall

Rescuers expect flooding in the Altai Republic and Altai Krai in 2013 will be challenging because of the large amounts of snowfall, preparing for high water in all Siberian regions start from the beginning of the year, said the head of the Siberian Regional Emergency Center of Russia Vladimir Svetelsky.

On Wednesday, in the Gorno-Altaisk runs a training camp on the results of the unified state system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations in Siberia in 2012, sounded the problem in 2013. As the head of the center, the protection of the population from the cyclical nature of emergency situations (floods, forest fires and other things) is one of the priorities of the department.

"The flood in 2012 was around quite calmly. Abnormally warm weather caused heavy snowmelt, soil thawed mostly full depth that helped us significantly, because a large amount of melt water to go under the ground. However, these years are the most likely to Siberia except … Today you see in the Altai Republic abnormal amount of snow. According to the observations, it is rare. Therefore, we expect that in the Republic of Altai, the Altai region, we may have a problem with passing the flood this year, "- said Svetelsky.

He stressed that all Siberian regions need to adjust action plans during the floods, and from the beginning of the year to initiate activities related to the preparation for the flood.

"We need to make arrangements to deliver their advance necessary property in the village, which can be cut off from the" mainland ", to create temporary field storage of explosives on small rivers, the timely conclusion of agreements with vzryvpromami and aircraft deployment of these forces in the zones of responsibility (especially in the Irkutsk region), "- said the head center.

Svetelsky stressed that more will be practical preventative measures associated with loosening, blackening, undermining the ice, especially in the area of ice crossings, especially reinforced, the less congestion on the rivers.

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