Monatomic Gold: Reptilians-occupiers

Reptilianskie secrets Lycanthropy and Management.

Lycanthropy — aspect of occultism, or mental condition of the person (Pithecanthropus) when he finds himself Kotormo oborotnem.Pri that it can not change its physical form, but it is equally dangerous, like a werewolf.
I just want to get into some of the information to which I have come across, and that may well explain lycanthropy and much more, too.

I talked today, Brian Desborough, my scientist friend in California, and we discussed the monoatomic gold. It exists in the form of a white powder and has a two-dimensional atomic structure (one or two atoms bonded together) while regular gold has a three-dimensional structure (ten or more atoms bonded together).

Without going into all the scientific details when you absorb it monoatomic gold by mouth or injection, it increases the flow of air, increasing the chances of the nervous system in the tens of thousands.

This should allow a person to handle the fantastic amounts of information like a supercomputer and when enough monozolota absorbed, it should allow them to consciously move through other dimensions and lycanthropy because suddenly the brain is activated to open those vast areas that we do not use in the world today. This restores brain cells, so that they again begin to communicate with each other.

More so, if you absorb enough of this monoatomic gold your physical body has to become luminous, I say, explaining the ancient message of the gods reptiles and children of the gods who "shone like the sun." Monoatomic gold can be made of ordinary gold, and it can be obtained from a specific mineral rock, which is found in places like Arizona in the United States. This, I believe — the true meaning of references to gold and gold mines in the Sumerian tablets, and not a literal gold mine production of normal, unless it is done is to create a monoatomic diversity.

This substance gave reptiles and gives amazing ability to process information and lycanthropy due to unsustainable amounts of energy that they can maintain and handle. I'm sure the ancients Egyptians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, etc. monoatomic gold used to be more precise — it made them the ruling elite, giving them a mental potential, which is forbidden the general population.

Remains the same today. It was one of the big secrets held within the Mystery Schools and leaked to the upper levels of the secret network of modern society. Monoatomic gold also has incredible healing properties, consisting in the fact that it restores the cells, bringing them the ability to carry a phenomenal amount of light energy, thus dispelling the lock, and the imbalance that we call — a disease or ailment.

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