Monsters of Ukraine: werewolf near Zhitomir and Rovno region with yeti


Unlike Scotland or Nepal, where he lives only one the monster (the serpent of Loch Ness and Jetty, respectively), in our country there are ghosts for every taste.

Landscape with the monster. Painted on the Kerch peninsula of Crimea. Photo

Your mind stirs the snow man? Look for his footprints on the slopes of the Carpathian mountains or in the forests of Volyn. Interested sea snakes — hurry to the Crimea. By the number of Chupacabras, we seem to have long since left their homeland — Puerto Rico for 7 years was marked by a mysterious predator in Ternopil, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, Chernihiv and Kyiv regions. The latest news about the beast-bloodsucker came this week from Odessa. And even those who just do not mutated in Chernobyl. Well, look at all these monsters through the eyes of witnesses, biologists, psychics and ufologists.





"This year we brought the photo, which shows the alleged Karadag monster. Tourists were filming a school of dolphins, and the shot hit something resembling a sea serpent — a kind of small black question mark ", — tells the employee Karadag Nature Reserve Maltsev (scientist refused to provide a snapshot of, say, the theme is very unscientific and not worth a photo publish).

VERSIONS. Scientists say about the legendary monster with an indulgent smile. "There is no" intelligible "photo with this animal. In the picture, which I spoke to you, maybe a seal, who escaped from the mini-zoo, or the monk seal (small population lives off the coast of Bulgaria, and Turkey. — Ed.) — Says Maltsev. — Understand that there are laws continue populations — reproduction. Noah took the same "pair of every creature," and here all the stories about the snake confinement. It is often said that these creatures live in deep water, but in the Black Sea due to hydrogen sulfide life is often impossible even to 90 meters. " But the Crimean cryptozoologists do not give up: "The relatively recently — in 1976 — scientists have discovered a giant deep-sea shark, which was called" megachelyusti. " On their release, after this incredible discovery "megarybina" five times catches the eye of man.

"DOOM SNAKE." Of course, talking about it did not occur in this holiday season. That's how I saw it at the beginning of the century writer Vsevolod Ivanov: "It was up to 30 meters in length and thickness of the countertop desk if it turned sideways and his head — in the size of swing arms — looked like a snake." In August 1921 in Feodosia city newspaper there was even a note about this Gade with a call to remain calm and to remain vigilant. But to catch the snake Red Army did not succeed. This story Maximilian Voloshin, who lived in the Crimea, shared by Mikhail Bulgakov, when he arrived in the summer of 1925. It is believed that this story is inspired by Michael Afanas'evich plot story "The Fatal Eggs".


Bite marks. Picture taken from the words of the ex-director of the reserve


And in the 90's of last century, talk about the mysterious creature began with the filing of the ex-director of the Karadag Branch of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas Peter Semenkova. He caught the eye of a dolphin, which someone with one bite "chop off" belly! Width of bite in an arc almost one meter!

SNOW MAN: could escape from the laboratory of the NKVD



Yeti. Skeptics believe that they could be just an actor


The hero of many legends gutsulskih — chugayster, overgrown with black or white fur with a giant blue eyes. What is not a snowman in the Carpathian residence permit? But to say that the Ukrainian Bigfoot is found only in the west of the country — an error. Thus, in the villages in the Rivne region in one voice assured that their snowman created by the people themselves: "We used to have before the war NKVD laboratory where grown super-soldiers, but they ran away." Many stories about Bigfoot collected and Ph.D. in History, cryptozoologist from the Donbass Anatoly Sidorenko: "At 50 miles from Belarus at the beginning of the XX century peasant working in the field and decided to have a snack. Made a fire and started to fry meat on it with lard. Suddenly, out of the woods almasty (Slavic name of the Yeti. — Ed.), Looked with interest and left. But a few minutes later returned with a frog and you may say, the man was a company: put it on a stick, lightly browned on the fire, ate and walked silently into the thicket. "
But there were even more incredible stories. Cryptozoologist claims that we yetis tamed. One such case occurred during the Civil War. At the hut lone woman in the Kyiv region there was hairy forest inhabitant, and so it remained. Even the household help. It is not always of this was the proc — say, once kneaded the dough together with fluff of pillows. However, and "companion" and "assistant" could be nothing more than a feral guerrillas. There is another tale from the collection Sidorenko — Bigfoot supposedly tamed felon: taught him to break locks, grilles, door knock. To the neighbors did not start talking about an unusual man — shaved his face and hands, bought the man's clothes. The story of the robbery ended with the gunman caught a Bigfoot fled back into the forest. However, science does not recognize the existence of chubaystera. Scientists have not yet found any live or murdered Bigfoot.


Chupacabra! It seems that this mysterious animal decided in a hurry to move to Ukraine from his native Latin America. First there was a mysterious predator in our area in the spring of 2003 in the area Zbarazhsky Ternopil region. But over the years, marked by the beast in Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, Chernihiv, Kyiv regions. The latest news about the beast-bloodsucker came this week from Odessa.
Anecdotal evidence is largely inconsistent. Some saw the beast rise 1.0-1.5 m, with a white-and-yellow or black hair. Others say that the Chupacabra — the size of the dog and bald. But most agree that a predator oblong "rat" head and strongly developed hind legs. The latter makes "the mystery of nature" that kind hybrid dog and kangaroo — move it leaps. Curiously, the creature causes panic in dogs, they do not even try to drive out the stranger. People say, "The eyes glow red." Affects animal cruelty — it kills dozens of rabbits, but carries with it a one-two carcasses. Some claim that the victims 'vampire' animals — completely drained of blood. The name came from the Spanish behemoths Shupacabras (chupar — to suck and cabra — goat, "sucking goat" or "goat vampire"). First talked about it in-¬ Puerto Rico in the mid 70s. It was more like a reptile or a kangaroo with spikes along the ridge. Leather — gray-green eyes — bulging like aliens. Interestingly, in Slavic mythology, no one would even remotely resembled this beast.

According to the capital ufologist Artyom Bilyk, chupacabra is now so "raspiarena" that even attack marten, lynx is credited with "vampire." Another version — rude usual wolverine, she also moved leaps and drinks blood. It could cause someone or she dobrela — Ukraine may enter the migration zone beast.

"A man stabbed a bald fox forks, and on all channels as a hero show. No to be punished for that patient beast ruined! "- Outraged Artem. Together with colleagues, he tried to track down the Chupacabra, a few visits to the most Oleksandrivka the Kyiv region, where wielded an unknown predator, "No bloodless bodies we have not seen. But the predator, and the truth is strange. Eight times attacked the village — and never eat victims. Just kill them. In one case he broke the cage and opened the complex bolt. We found a hair of the predator, and are willing to provide it for DNA analysis. "

And here on the forums cryptozoologists believe: Chupacabra comes from a parallel world, there is a short time — and disappears. The villagers also told us about a strange phone call. Someone asked about the monster, and then introduced a biologist involved in mating animals. So maybe the chupacabra — a hybrid of a mutant?

Werewolves: THERE mere 20 YEARS AGO


Volkopes. Mixed "marriages" are often occurred in the 1950s


There just are not scary legends about wolves folded. And one of the most popular in the recent times — aggressive hybrids volkosobaki. They say they are not afraid of people, bigger and stronger brethren, and therefore often become man-eaters. "That's not true," — says Sergey Conductor, Director Polesski reserve. He has trained four cubs, the hunter has extracted almost 70 "gray" and can rightly be called an expert on wolves. — "Mixed marriages" only happen when the wolf population falls — then they are looking for "brides" among the dogs. " So it was, when the Stalin era was shooting predators just because … they — wolves. A particular bloodlust of hybrids is not: "A last-eating wolves lived in the 1950s in the north of Zhitomir region. There's one pair of fangs dozens of deaths. " Are there werewolves in Ukraine? "Back in the 1980s lived vovkulaki-old, were able to treat, but it has taken away their secrets to the grave, — says Sergey. — The fact that we werewolves were never considered by the evil forces. Slavic princes, the Mongol khans, and the Cossacks — could turn around predators, but, of course, not literally. Using special techniques were in a trance. In an altered state of consciousness to find answers to their questions or agitated received additional strength for the battle, as berserkers. "



From the archives of the fishermen. "The Mermaid". Or ramp?


About three years ago Azov fishermen caught in the Kerch Strait outlandish creatures. The body of the long-tailed fish crowned awesome face with parted lips and slanted eyes. Arrival ichthyologists not wait — unseen creature destroyed, filmed it "in memory" on mobile. Video hit the Internet — and the audience sighed: "Something lost her looks these days mermaids! Probably because of the environment … "Who got in fishing nets?

"Many gods had animal body: dogs, birds, — says volhvinya Lada. — There are a lot of entities, of which we know nothing — spirits of the land and water — and any one of us can meet them. We were recently at Lake Baikal and heard many stories about how in our days on the beach out fabulous creatures. They can swim in the Sea of Azov. But there are quite rational version. "I'm sure a bizarre catch really — thrasher. This is a ramp that lives in the Mediterranean Sea ", — says Alexander Menshikov ichthyologist.
Watch the video


According to one legend, the lake Somin (Volyn) is found a lizard the size of a bull and the snake snout. It is said that 30 years ago the lake reptile attacked had fallen asleep on the shore of the groom. "But after that the lizard did not see — the old-timers say the village. — Maybe it was the giant catfish? No wonder that the lake — Somino. " In favor of the version that is exactly the fish, said the following: "The catfish and can weigh 200 kg, and attack people. I talked to a fisherman, who was severely bitten by a predator in the leg. But fans of underwater hunting reduced the number of large fishes dozens of times ", — says Andrey Nelipa, president of the fishermen of Ukraine.



Calf. This creature died shortly after birth


Where else but in Chernobyl, should inhabit the whole flock Sixpawed and the two-headed monster? "Fortunately, this is not the case. Immediately after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant many-headed calves were born, but they were sickly and died soon after birth. And it is proved that their mutilated radiation — "monsters" are sometimes born on farms around the world. But it can be assumed that under the influence of radiation modified viruses, new strains, "- says Doctor of Biological Sciences Valeriy Polishchuk (head of the Department of Virology of the Kiev natsuniversiteta them. Shevchenko). His colleagues suggest that radiation "tempers" viruses, making them more resistant to drugs or dangerous to health.
We add that this year, together with colleagues from the United States, our specialists studied barn swallows living in the exclusion zone. In the sperm of these birds were found damaged spermatozoa: with two heads and two tails. A pine tree in the exclusion zone are similar to the high bushes — they pulled out a needle, they are more subtle than those of pine located outside this zone. However, these changes are not passed on the gene level, and from the seeds can grow quite healthy trees.

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