More than 100,000 Earthlings are ready to end his life on Mars


40 "lucky" for ever leave the Earth in September 2022.

Already more than 100,000 people have expressed their desire to take part in an expedition to Mars and conduct on the Red Planet in the remaining days of the expedition Mars One project. Of these, 40 will be selected "lucky" that will forever leave the Earth in September 2022 and April 2023. For seven years, starting in 2015, they will be trained, according

Ambitious project will cost the creators at least $ 6 billion. Some of these costs will be filled by the sale of the rights to broadcast a reality show about the preparation of the expedition. There will also be conducted daily shooting people stay on Mars.

"We want to tell the world the story of how a man went to Mars as settled there to build a new Earth, the new planet. This is one of the most exciting events that ever took place, and we want to share this story with the world" — the general director of the project, the Dutchman Bas Lansdorp.

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