Mummy on the Moon


Vladimir Lagowski


Americans have removed a mysterious object from archival images taken two years before the landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during the expedition "Apollo 11"

SPHINX in the crater

In 1967, the moon probe photographed the fourth in a series of Lunar Orbiter. There were captured almost 90 percent of the surface. And these views come in handy for those who chose the landing site "Apollo 11." As a result, NASA has settled on the Sea of Tranquility — a huge crater diameter of 870 kilometers.

But experts have considered and East Sea — one of the largest craters of our natural satellite with a diameter of nearly a thousand miles away. It was formed by the asteroid impact that crashed with such force that it went over the surface ripples. And froze three concentric shafts. It is an attractive place was not chosen because it is too far away — at the western edge of the visible lunar disk.


Pictures of Lunar Orbiter 4 are stored in the archive. But the East Sea on them for some reason, "corrected." This is a newly discovered American scholar Joseph Skipper — the leader of the many enthusiasts who seek out the strangeness of space photographs, laid out on the official websites of NASA and other research organizations. Sphinx disappeared from pictures that there just was.


Skipper "specializes" on the Moon and Mars — obsessed with the idea that there can be found traces of aliens. Or some previous life. Or even hints of the activities carried out to this day. Naturally, not humans.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" has been told many times about the "discoveries" Skipper. And here is new — moon Sphinx. It is not worse than the famous Martian. Only bigger — a few tens of kilometers across. And it is much worse. Honestly, he's just creepy.

1967 photo first appeared in the press in the book "Geology of the Moon," which appeared in 1975. It 'virtual archaeologists "found the unusual. And colleagues reported. Upon closer examination of a small crater near the East Sea really becomes noticeable head with a grin. As if from a mummy. With them, Skipper and compares it. Very similar: and the Egyptian mummy, and South American.
Strange, but from the photos, which are now kept in the archives of NASA, "mummy" disappeared almost entirely. It can "learn", but after seeing first the original image.
Skipper wonders: whether in a book printed in any other images, whether the source was then touched up to get rid of the controversial subject. But why? Maybe it does not really need to see an outsider?

Martian Sphinx first appeared in the photographs submitted to the machine "Viking" in 1976. To them it looks like the most sensational. As if the Martians made. Late photo — already late XX — early XXI century — do not create such an impression. But machines arriving on the red planet, continue to photograph the object about the size of a mile across. And the people — to argue, man-made or not. Convincing arguments have two sides.

Lunar Sphinx, except Lunar Orbiter 4, no one else photographed. Although you might get images of high resolution. To leave no reason to doubt: the huge mummy from the moon or the light looks so intricately laid down. There are in fact now flies LRO probe and removes the landing sites, "Apollo", which can be seen even "grains" landers.

1. East Sea on the moon.
2. Sphinx in the East Sea.
3. Lunar Sphinx large.
4. Skull of an Egyptian mummy. Researchers find in these images are some similarities. But do not understand what it meant to be. Maybe a warning Earthlings, they say, do not go. And then …

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