My son would be naive to humanize commandos

Most famous was a man in a police uniform, which is the evening of 19 December, trying to hold back riot police, trying to persuade them not to hit innocent people. As it became known, it Klaskouski Alexander, a former police officer. Shortly after the events in the square, he was detained and severely beaten while.

The fate Alexander Klaskouski says his father, a well-known journalist Alexander Klaskouski.

Klaskouski: I just spoke with the chief of the city police preliminary investigation Gennady Kazakevich. He said: "I myself have seen it, there is no visible damage." I said that I have information that the son was beaten in detention. Meaning of the answer was that — you are a citizen, you can file a complaint.

I was told to him now conducts investigations. I got through to the investigator, who conducts his business, his name is Dmitry bunch. He said that as he conducts investigations, then talk to me can not. I said I was not only a father but also a journalist, and I am surprised that journalists BelTA spread dirt about my son.

Where did they get the information. he confessed during questioning, saying he was drunk, asked for forgiveness? Who gave this information? Lord Kazakevitch and bunch of this question is not answered. Do not give me the information, the state agency has the right to water my son's dirt. God is really uneven. As Orwell — all are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Drakakhrust: And what he is accused?

Klaskouski: As far as I know, in the active participation in the riots. It is based on indirect evidence. Tonight it should carry on Akrestin, I'm told. While being questioned. Meanwhile dirty misinformation spreading about him and control the city police.

Drakakhrust: If he had received medical care?

Klaskouski: Kazakevitch told me — there is no visible damage. But he was beaten on the stock itself, thousands of people have seen it on video, it bleeding head, blood on his face. Hit him with a truncheon during the campaign. And all saw on the video that he wanted to stop this line of riot policemen, and the only words he said, "Beat me, I will not touch you, but stop, guys." That's what all his fault.

Drakakhrust: And what were the circumstances of his departure from the police?

I think he wore under his jacket form, as, apparently, did not rule that could start "mochilovo" and naively hoping that he will come in the form of advances and it has something to humanize this chain

Klaskouski: I do not know. This happened a few years ago. Then he went to work, "trucker". He did not tell me about the details. Official sources say that the negative harakteryzavavsya. We all are not angels, I do not exclude it. what could it be some kind of violation of the service. But I know he felt the pressure, saying that he did not understand him, because he has brought to the job, "Narodnaya Volya", "Nasha Niva", tried to speak Belarusian, expressed views that characterized from the point of view of the authorities, the only " scumbag. " He felt very uncomfortable there myself. It was not his. He went there after the army to earn money, he has three children.

Drakakhrust: And why is it zvolnivshysya from the police, put the square shape?

Klaskouski: He did not consult with me. I was on the campaign as a journalist, we were somewhere nearby, but I did not see him. So he said to me before the action, I advised him to think twice whether to go. Still, three children, he needs to think about the family and feed the children. I see him as a citizen, but I am a father and grandfather, my heart aches for delved.

I think he wore under his jacket form, as, apparently, did not rule that could start "mochilovo" and naively hoping that he will come in the form of advances and it has something to humanize the chain. He is accused in the fact that he allegedly spat in the face of commandos. Although the video shows that it was not, is not fooled. I think that those who gave the order to a wild acceleration, they themselves spat before.

Meanwhile, on the site of Minsk police was a video where a former policeman Alexander Klaskouski repent of their actions.

Details and comments later on the site of "Freedom."

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