Mysteries of ancient pyramids

Father of history Herodotus called the Pyramids first wonder of the world. Millennia not only confirm the name, but also increasingly forced researchers to consider it the greatest miracle and mysterious of all known to mankind. Despite centuries of effort by scientists, none of them is able to accurately answer the most basic questions concerning, for example, the pyramids of Cheops: What was its original height? length of the base? time of construction? purpose of such a fantastic effort of the construction? Finally, as it was built? and even — in the light of recent discoveries — by whom?

Secrets of the ancient mathematicians

We begin, however, with the most simple and indisputable, although this and no less mysterious things. Clear evidence of inexplicably high knowledge of the Egyptians in the field of astronomy, engineering and construction business is the location of the pyramid of Cheops to the countries of the world. As the researchers point out, neither of which match is not out of the question. The fact is that the pyramid is almost unmistakably to true north.

As a result, the most accurate measurements made in 1925, was installed incredible fact: the error in her position is only 3 minutes 6 seconds. For comparison, usually the following case: in 1577, the brilliant Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, through a long and complex calculations Oranienburgskuyu obsertoriyu oriented so that it is to the north, but in the end all the same mistake for 18 minutes. By the way, the minimum error of the ancient Egyptians explained a slight shift of the north over the past millennium!

Researchers find the desire for accuracy, which is a sign of a highly developed civilization, everywhere, including in the size of the base of the pyramid. With an average size of about 230 meters of the parties is the difference between the largest and smallest parties does not exceed 20 cm, ie about 0.1 percent — surprisingly few, given that we are talking about the surface, which is composed of multi-ton limestone blocks. But that's not all.

Ancient pyramid builders have managed to build this magnificent monument to his almost perfect right angles (if you put a plumb lines at the corners of the pyramid). This construction miracle seems even more incredible when you consider that it is not constructed on flat ground, but on a rather massive natural hill, which was in the middle of the base of the pyramid. Its height of 9 meters and is a two-story house. The hill is 70 percent of the base of the pyramid, and so cleverly paired with its bottom rows of masonry that modern engineers refuse to believe their eyes. One can not even imagine how, without modern laser technology of ancient builders have so accurately set square base at the primary, and most important, the construction phase. Calculations of modern scholars suggest that all that are associated with the location of the three major pyramids, and can be, and all the others that are on the plateau of Giza, is no accident: their design height, angles, perimeter, even the relative position of the earth — all these parameters are related to each other, and were chosen deliberately, with a special meaning. Abbe Sea, director Burzhskoy Observatory in France, discovered an even more amazing things. Thus, multiplying the height of the Great Pyramid, which he took in 148.21 m per million, he got the distance from Earth to the Sun in kilometers — 148,210,000 km. But until 1860 the distance was considered to be little more than 154 million km. The same can be said about the number, which, according to the Abbe Sea, may be obtained by adding the four corners of the base of the Great Pyramid, the length of each of which, in his opinion, is 232.805 meters and then dividing the result by the two heights of the pyramid.

The book is on the rocks Abbot sea, by the way, believed that the architects of the Great Pyramid, and more aware that we managed to bring in stone: the duration of the leap year, the distance that the Earth moves in its orbit in 24 hours, the density of the Earth, as well as the average temperature of our planet, since thermal unit of the Great Pyramid is the value of the average temperature of the Earth's surface, etc. Even more intriguing results provide research in recent years, which suggests that the size, quantity, weight and distance between each other three pyramids and the Sphinx reflect a similar relationship of the Sun, Venus, Earth and Mars together. A thorough analysis of the geometric relationships of elements of the necropolis of Giza not only proved that its creators knew such a thing as the golden ratio, but miraculously tied the pyramid complex at Giza with the pyramids and the face of Cydonia on Mars! This concept, for example, subtly justifies group of authors led by G.Henkokom, which also shows that the individual elements of the Giza complex may be much older than 5000 years, traditionally attributed to him by scientists, and employs more than 12,000 years.

Secrets of the stone vaults

Yet the mystery of the external characteristics of the pyramids is nothing compared to what's going on inside. Pay attention to the scientists who made the mysterious and almost detective stories. The most sensational case — finding Tutankhamen's burial in 1923. The sensation made headlines around the world, but after this inexplicable events began, symbolically named after the curse of the Pharaohs — a more accurate name for this strange phenomenon in the human language was not. Most of the members of the expedition — 11 people, led by its main sponsor and patron Lord Karnervonom and supervisor Howard Carter in the next six years, died for different reasons and in different circumstances that appear to have nothing to do with each other and can not be connected if we are used to guide human logic. But in this case it is clearly not enough. However, judge for yourself. After only five months after the opening of the tomb at Lord Karnervona had serious disagreements with Carter about how to dispose of the treasures found in the tomb, valuable for science.

Honest Carter believed that they should become the property of the Egyptian government, while the patriot and a good businessman Lord Karnervon insisted that the treasures were moved to England. But soon he was bitten on the cheek by a mosquito, and Lord died in Cairo from which developed as a result of the bite infection. And what happened? Opening the mummy of Pharaoh after the death of Lord Karnervona possible to establish a striking fact, which is almost impossible to believe (thankfully, believe and do not need, just to know) before dying Pharaoh Tutankhamun was also bitten by a mosquito, and in the same cheek as the ill-fated Lord. Finally, at the time of the death of Lord there were two very strange event: in Cairo suddenly and inexplicably dimmed lights, and the dog Karnervona that managed to bring back to England, began to howl and howl incessantly as long as dead. However, only a string of deaths began these events. Suddenly Paris died without reason one of the specialists in the field of Egyptian Archaeology, who was involved in drawing up the inventory only found in the tomb of scientific treasures. Then after a while, and death overtook colleague Carter literary work during the expedition A.S.Meysa who was an employee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. After that, of, so to speak, piramidologov one by one followed by several completely unexplained deaths, homicides and suicides, and death every time correctly picked the very people who in some way had to do with the expedition.

In the end, the number of tragic deaths exceeded two dozen that even with good intentions, can not be considered a coincidence. In September 1993, the Italian scientist Nicola De Paola, a prominent expert in the field of medicine, said that the reason for the large number of deaths among those who were connected with the research itself the tomb of Tutankhamen, and they were in the mummies and other ancient and strange objects is a poisonous microscopic fungus was present inside the tomb, his intense multiplication seems to be associated with moisture and air through the small cracks in the stones. However, the number of victims attributed to the curse, sent Tutankhamun people, disturbing his remains, and decades that have passed since the burial of the dead, and the geographic diversity of the location of their graves to clearly prove that the fungus could hardly be the cause of death of so many people. Yet the hypothesis that the pharaohs guarded biological weapon developed by the priests and deliberately left them in the pyramids, has firmly taken its place among the other interesting theories, which our contemporaries are trying to explain the mysteries of ancient Egypt thousands of years.

Piramidologiya on the trail

All this has forced scientists to look closely at the phenomenon and the physical parameters of the pyramids, in particular, to study the possible impact of their form on the state of the people. Found, however, as often happens, is not quite what you were looking for. Today it is well known that the shape of the pyramid contribute to dehydration and allows long time to keep the dead bodies that are in a pyramid mummified. French scientist Anthony Bowie, exploring the Great Pyramid in the 30 years of the century, found the body of small animals, including stray dogs and cats caught in a maze of buildings Giza and accidentally caught in the tomb of Pharaoh, mummified themselves without being corruptible . Scientist put some experiments and found that the same effect is achieved with the reduced model of the pyramid, in which Bowie put various organic substances, not only in Egypt but also in other countries, particularly in France.

Enterprising people were quick to take advantage of the opening. For example, Egyptian Ibrahim Karim (a graduate of the University of Zurich) today successfully conducts reception even lost the last hope of the people, the disease of which he treats, putting sufferers in a small copy of the pyramids. I have found after 30 years of research, the doctor says that the ancient Egyptian tombs, as well as some other harmonious architectural forms have healing effects, as a direct effect on human energy, increasing its immunity and vitality>. It has been observed and that the energy of the pyramids sometimes heals incurable patients by conventional methods, slows down aging, improve wound healing, raises the general tone of the whole organism, and also changes the properties of water, which does not bloom in a pyramid, and is self-cleaning, and it killed germs. Recorded and paranormal effects. Thus, the pyramid have powerful cleansing and firming effect on the human aura, rid of the evil eye, damage and help in many other ways. Despite all the practical success of the properties of the pyramid, the physics involved in their learning, are still far from consensus on the nature of the anomalies that occur within these stone tombs. The fact that the effect of the pyramid shown in such a wide range, which is within the modern scientific world is practically impossible to link together such diverse phenomena qualitatively.

Established, for example, that time is flowing inside the pyramids with a slowing, slowing the oxidation of metals, etc. In the 50 years of this century Czech engineer Karel Drbal discovered that inside the pyramids themselves sharpened sharp edges of cutting tools and knives, and used razor blades gradually restore its original quality. Various aspects of the impact of the pyramidal form found in Russia. Established, for example, that the presence of even a relatively small pyramids, and are made of different materials, provides a system-healing effect on the adjacent territory. And not just the fact that it improves plant growth and condition of living organisms, and they have, as it were safeguarded against the negative impact of natural factors! Another aspect of the impact of the pyramidal form was investigated and the Moscow Institute of Diamond initiative A.E.Goloda Russian scientist, who conducted successful experiments on the synthesis of artificial crystals.

It turned out that of graphite placed in a pyramid, diamonds somehow obtained firmer, clearer and even more perfect in form than outside it, although to explain the specific reasons for this, the researchers can not. It was also found that inside the pyramid slows the flow rate of many chemical and physical processes. But perhaps the greatest mystery of the pyramids will be the solution of this phenomenon, namely the discovery of the Hall of Records at Giza, which, according to some researchers, may have hidden in the bedrock between the paws of the Sphinx or in one of the hidden chambers of the Great Pyramid. In this room, as did the ancient Egyptians, stored scriptures antediluvian times — super-civilization traces left in posterity. Will the experts to find these records? The answer to this question can be given only time.

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