Mysteries of Stonehenge

Judge Stephen Waller examined located in the English county of Wiltshire famous Stonehenge, built over five thousand years ago, and found that the acoustic point of view it is a very difficult place — giant stones are able to create amazing sound or acoustic illusion mirage.

If the center of the construction of the giant stones to put the two musicians and get them to play the trumpet, the observer, ignoring them, in some places almost hear the silence — the sound waves reflected from the stones, put down in these parts to each other and trumpet almost quiet.

Waller on this basis put forward a rather controversial hypothesis that in fact it was by design the first builders Stonhedzha who could design the complex according to their perception of sound.

As evidence, he cites the fact that the ancient stone circles in Britain were called just that — "stones-pipe."

But according to the ancient British legend, Stonehenge originated from girls, which two tubes called magical dance in a field, and then turned them into stone pillars.

Waller does not say that the myth is truthful, but hints that no tricks with the pipes are not dispense from the start. He is certain that from the earliest days of his Stonehenge visitors fell under the influence of his acoustic mirages during their religious ceremonies, and considered them to be the creation of a sound mystical stone circle.

Expert tested his theory by experiment — he drove people blindfolded on the field, which was played two musicians, and then asked them to draw the image of the place where they've been.

Their drawings are very similar in the real scheme of arrangement of stone pillars at Stonehenge. According to Waller, the scheme of the acoustic shadows cast by pillars, quite accurately reflect the pattern of interference of sound waves generated by two flutes in the center of the complex.

Stonehenge is known — the most famous in Europe dolmen. Until now, scientists have not reached a consensus, by whom and for what rolled or dragged here hefty stones and put them in order. Version expressed very different: this is the temple of the ancient Celts, and an astronomical observatory, and the launch pad of aliens and an ancient GPS-navigator.

However, most people tend to think that this is still the work of the Celts, which in ancient times worshiped the sun here. The Druids believed that on June 22, the summer solstice, the Sun-god fertilized Mother Earth, and the action itself is happening in the center of the stone circle.

By the way, as the Stonehenge is protected by state and is considered a historic landmark UK, then touch the mystical stones, or at least come close to it on any other day except June 22 is strictly prohibited. They are fenced, so tourists are not pilfered monument for souvenirs.

On other days you can touch just one stone that is outside the fence. So it is polished to a shine by countless hands.

As for the features that Stonehenge served for generations past millennia, the researchers say confidently that the site can not be viewed only from the astronomical positions.

As shown in the course of excavations found the remains of human bodies, a stone building was used for ritual ceremonies, aimed at healing.

Examination of the remains suggests that many buried in the megalithic structures were seriously injured. A examination of the teeth of the dead showed that many people were visiting from remote villages, which proves very popular as a magical Stonhedzha hospital.

Gennady Nikolayev

Abnormal News № 22 (593) 2012

Category: Mystery stories

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