Mysteries of the Pyramids.

"Secrets of the Pyramids no longer exists", — says Andrey Verzhbitsky, author of sensational discoveries in the field of antenna systems.

He proved that these ancient structures is nothing like the giant terminals, designed for long-range and ultra long-haul space communications. Version is not new, but have Verzhbitskaya justify from a technical point of view.

Why build a pyramid, know of any tourist who has visited Egypt. "This is the tomb of the Pharaohs" — we repeat the lecture guides and generally accepted scientific hypothesis. But how to explain the dozens of features of their internal structures?

Research Institute of Biological Monitoring Andrew Verzhbitsky found that pyramidal antenna not only equal, but in many ways far superior to any modern transceiver parabolic shape. Then he compared the internal structure of the Egyptian pyramids with Conventional satellite "dish". "The logic of the device is the same, — he says. — Not clear to historians rooms, burial chambers, temples and other alleged "ritual" inside the pyramid structure in effect a much enlarged in size waveguides, cables, cavity resonators, filters, and other elements that are used in the technique of ultra-high frequency (see figure) . In this case, no different in principle to any of the parabolic antenna, an ancient pyramid was able to "samonavoditsya" a moving target without turning space mechanisms operating in the absence of electricity, cable, wire and convert electromagnetic waves into sound without a radioactive element. "

Here are a few oddities, not finding an explanation from the scientists. What caused the exact orientation of the pyramids to the cardinal? What is the purpose of branched tunnels inside, usually ending in a dead end? Why the cameras at the opening were always empty?

All these questions Verzhbitsky finds answers. For example, he says, is the essence of the pyramidal antenna as parabolic, it collects the energy of the incident wave at one point, called the focal point — just not with the effect of reflection and refraction, like an optical lens. And if the focus "dish" in front of it, and the focus of the pyramid — inside. He's the same as the position of the so-called burial chamber.

Ancient Egyptian pyramids were part of a giant interplanetary communication, confident Verzhbitsky. And they are designed to interface with the same terminal, set on another planet. For antennas operating in deep space (not near Mars), pyramidal form is the most competent engineering solution.

To decipher the signal coming from space, it was enough at a certain time to enter the "burial chamber" and go to a stone box — the same one that we take for the sarcophagus. And then at the right time you can hear the words spoken by someone on another planet with the same "transmitter". Who knows, maybe it is the pyramid of Cheops voices distant "brothers in mind?"

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