Mysterious Baikal swallows ships

According, on the lake disappeared the next ship to people. Now the search and rescue team is searching for the pleasure boat "Yamaha", who had gone to the lake-sea with four men on June 16 and has not yet returned. All of which indicate that the men were experienced sailors. But some, as it were "written off" crew boat: boat disappeared in the most mysterious area of Lake Baikal.

So, in order. The boat left the village district Kabansky region of Buryatia, there were four men. They should be back soon, just going to try out the new motor on the small boat, but lost contact with them almost immediately. As "Pravde.Ru" in the main emergency department in Buryatia, on Monday the search operations conducted seven rescuers using seven vehicles, on Tuesday continued to search for a different unit, near Cape Saint Nose and in the bays and Barguzin Chivyrkuyskogo searches are conducted with by Mi-8 helicopter.

Missing from 35 to 63 years old, experienced people, a short way out to sea for them seems to be nothing. Why are they gone, and without a trace? Their phones outside the network (though mobile communication in the area of the lake, the sea perfect for all mobile operators). The local press has voiced version that is lost lost in the forest, which was established after their departure.

But still — a fog-it was gone, and the storm since they were sailing on Lake Baikal was not over and they are unlikely to go down could. Is that crashed on the beach because of the fog, but it is also unlikely: on the banks for tens of kilometers found nothing. The boat sank, as the Bermuda Triangle …

Finally, just before a version of missing the boat, which actually fits the whole situation. The ship sunk in the anomalous zone of Lake Baikal, as well as many other small boats. History lost count, wondering how many people are missing in the mysterious depths of Lake Baikal. We will not even end up here of those who died on the ice of Lake Baikal on the detached ice, fell through the ice on the cars or snowmobiles.

And without them, the account goes on tens and hundreds, if not thousands, but in the foreseeable period. From Baikal fishermen can often hear stories about how over the transparent surface of the lake they were trains and ancient castles, old ships and alien ships — what scientists call a mirage.

And very often in different parts of the sea-lake when a mirage noise occurs in the magnetic fields that lead to the malfunction of the ship's equipment, especially the navigation.

Comments on the situation "Pravde.Ru" participant of annual expeditions to Lake Baikal sports and tourism group "Slavs", PhD Igor Janos:

"I do every year, we hear a lot about Lake Baikal, often mysterious. Usually I work in our expeditions just a doctor, but often have to be a psychologist, psychiatrist, The secret of the lake can result in a very peculiar human condition.

For example, on the Baikal ideal conditions for a mirage of warm air over the chilled water in summer, clear atmosphere and extreme cold in the winter with the real air. In the layers of air with different densities of light rays refract, distort and acquire fantastic forms. So this could result in missing men from the boat "Yamaha" nowhere — Baikal mirages very clearly, it looks like the present!

Of Lake Baikal these many years rumors and tell legends about the incredible mirages. They often see researchers and local fishermen in such famous places as the island of Great Ushkaniy, near Cape Sun and the famous island of Olkhon. This phenomenon is called the Baikal golomenitsey is popularly means "purification Morokov."

In recent years the study of Lake Baikal seriously engaged in many famous scientists. They are still wondering: how many such inexplicable phenomena may occur in the same place? And one more thing — about the places where the missing boat "Yamaha", a few dozen kilometers south-east of the island of Olkhon, in the deepest part of the lake, there is a place called the Devil's crater.

Unremarkable in normal times, the lake area two square kilometers known fact that sometimes, no more than once or twice a year, the waters of the lake are beginning to "run amok." That's when there smaller vessels are lost along with their crews.

Baikal like swallows ships with people … With good weather and a dead calm at this point begins the incredible rotation of water, and soon in the midst of it there is a large vortex that sucks in everything around themselves. Locals claim that the so called chasm through which souls of sinners go to hell.

Most interesting is that this phenomenon is a long time, so to speak, is documented — there are movies, and video, and numerous photographs and eyewitness accounts. A few years ago, some skippers offered completely cover the area lake for swimming, but for some reason still have not done. "

In general, how run searches for "Yamaha" with four crew members, it is difficult to even imagine myself. Remember the times when fishermen from going somewhere for a week, but then suddenly, as if nothing had happened came back, and they themselves were convinced that it is only a few hours …

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