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The mysterious structure of large size, was found in Mark Howe, a mountainous region in southern Peru, located 35 kilometers from the city of Puno.

The local Indians this city is better known as the "City of the Gods," and he has not been fully explored because of its inaccessibility. The aircraft in this mountain ridge people noticed a lot of structures and semi-destroyed buildings. Door "Puerta de Hayu Marca" (Gate of the city of the Gods / shower) was found in one of the rocks of the ridge, the height of 2 meters and 7 meters in width and a small hole, reminiscent of the keyhole in the center of the door.

Found the door Jose Luis Delgado Mamani — a guide who leads tourists to the surrounding ruins and trails.
"After I found the door, she did not once was I dreaming. In my dreams, I returned again and again to this place and saw the door. It was slightly open and because it was a light emerald": says Jose in the interview with the local press.

Following the discovery of the door in 1996 in this area were carried out archaeological excavations. Based on the epic of the Incas, this region was a "way of the gods", and according to legend, the great heroes went to the gods passing through the gates, which were in the end. Curiously, after the tradition of the Incas not all gone forever in this gate. Some heroes returning from the "Land of the Gods" received unprecedented power and knowledge.

Another legend tells of the Spanish conquistadors who arrived in Peru began to plunder the Peruvian village and one of the priests of the Incas, whose name Arami Maru. This priest was a disc that is among the people of the Incas called "key seven gods of the valleys." One priest took the drive collected survivors after clashes with the Spanish village and with them disappeared in the "Valley of the Gods." More that these people never seen before.
Archaeologists who have examined the door to find it's not a big a perfectly round hole, which may be intended for the "golden disk".

Some people who have visited the doors say that lend a hand to her they felt a certain energy that comes from the rock. In 1997, the "Gateway to the City of Gods" has visited the American psychic Tony Silva. He said that he felt an incredible rush of energy near the door, just in front of his eyes the starry sky and the pillars of fire that struck out of the ground. This vision was accompanied by unusual music, like the shaman drums. Mention of the mysterious "Gate of the Sun" is and the Maya and what is most interesting pattern similar to that gate is on the Nazca. (I'll try to find it, approx. Editor) in recent years over the place, people often came to see UFOs, spheres of different colors and size often hangs over the valley.

According to the beliefs of the Peruvians, once the gates are opened and the gods return to their "sun ships." Sounds very symbolic, is not it?

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