Mysterious Russian Season 2 (1 — 19 series) watch online

Mysterious Russian Season 2 (1 - 19 series) watch online

Continuation of the documentary "The Curious Our homeland" — about the most unexplored, the most mysterious places on the map of. Our home is a huge part of the land. Seventeen million square kilometers. Four climate zones. Nine time zones. But everything we know about this land? The creators of this documentary project prepared to explain — this is absolutely not true! "The Curious Our homeland" — a unique geographical area and the creation of human hands, natural anomalies and monuments of vanished civilizations, amazing people that hold extraordinary knowledge …. In the 2nd season, as well as before every film cycle dedicated to one of the Russian regions

Episode 1: Saratov Region: Socket relic kites? Mysterious Our homeland — cycle Transmission

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