NAO — European answer Japanese scientist

In Chelyabinsk, students created a European answer to the Japanese scientists. Otherwise it is the creation of a robot called NAO, which in no way inferior to modern Japanese counterparts. This miracle has reached a very great height. He is able to help with chores in the house, to recognize people's faces and discern objects, and more.

In the near future android will loyal assistant to doctors and police, thanks to developers who are constantly improving it. If ever such robots can work, for example, in the hospital, at the request of a physician, he will carry the right medication specific to the patient. After all, the NAO can detect not only the items that are very different from each other, but also those people who will be laid in his memory.

The most basic thing in it — is a shell that allows for many opportunities. Robots can be taught to play tennis and dance. They are able to walk, take the objects at hand to see. But it's still a miracle does just what it says chelovek.Dombrovsky Cyril — Associate Professor of Computer says that the robot is like a child that before to grow, you need to make a lot of effort.

If you have your own house, you have to acquire and own bathhouse, especially because of all the necessary accessories for sauna and bath can be found on the website and puzzle over how dry broom or as make Buckets and pail.

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