NASAs Solar Shield is preparing for the Earth


U.S. National Aerospace Agency NASA is preparing an "Solar Shield" to protect the Earth. Magnetic storms generated by the sun in the next few years can cause serious damage to radio, land-line telecommunications and everything that runs on electricity. NASA warned of the increasing threat of solar storms, which can lead to catastrophic consequences for the Earth.

Bookings are based on a true story, back in 1859 solar storm Carrington (Carrington, named after its discoverer — English astronomer Richard Carrington) caused by the Earth numerous shortcomings in the system of electric telegraphy, this is what scientists fear the next 2 years. Takes place in 1989, on March 13 coronal mass ejections on the Sun resulted in a geomagnetic storm on Earth, Quebec, New Jersey and throughout the UK have been melted transformer installation due to strong direct current that emerged as a result of abnormal changes in the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Abnormalities were observed throughout the United States from the East Coast to the Pacific coast to the north-west. A similar series of geomagnetic storms occurred in October 2003, which caused crashes in southern Sweden and resulted in damage to the transformers in South Africa.

Coronal mass ejections of solar masses, otherwise called solar flares that cause geomagnetic storms on Earth, may be the main cause of global energy catastrophe, humanity may simply be in the Stone Age.

Back in the 2008 report of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA NASA warned about the consequences of solar flares and proposed the establishment of protection for the Earth.

Today, a new NASA project called "Solar Shield" will help save electrical power sources, power lines, and means for converting electric power — transformers, which are the most vulnerable elements of power.

The project involves the creation of a special "circuit breaker" that will shut down at the time of transformers, and after the storm can be returned to its former state of operation of electrical systems.

Disaster warning is this — images from the SOHO satellite and spacecraft STEREO, will give a signal of coronal mass ejections on the Sun, it will instantly make the 3D-model with the calculated values of the approach of a geomagnetic storm, and predict the time of "heat stroke." Typically, the time from when a coronal mass ejection and before the start of a geomagnetic storm takes 24 to 48 hours. Knowledge of space weather will protect with "Solar Shield" electrical earth. After fixing the first electromagnetic phenomena in the upper atmosphere of the Earth and the beginning of the spread of currents on terrestrial objects, the warning signal "Solar Shield" will arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the storm, and will perform the necessary actions to save electricity.

NASA stressed that the solar panel is experimental and has never been field tested during a severe geomagnetic storm. A small number of utilities in North America have already installed a monitoring system at key points of power, to test the predictions of the "solar panel". However, the sun has not yet shown strong activity and scientists expect the impending attack of the sun.

The next solar maximum, scientists from the Research Institute of Electricity (EPRI) is expected in 2013, to test the "solar panel" was only a matter of time.

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