Natural anomaly! In the Tyumen region swept a real tornado. Consequences — monstrous

The villagers Berdyuzhe felt the monstrous force rare in these parts of a natural phenomenon. Thus, apart from hail and thunderstorms swept by Locations tornado. As reported «URA.Ru» the press service of the main emergency department in the Tyumen region of Russia, the wind speed at the center of the hurricane exceeded 25 meters per second. Tornado in seconds continuity of high-voltage grid, damaged transformer station, the roof of nine houses, brought down the roof of the rural school, two garages, administration building, knocked out windows in a music school, destroyed lighting line. Rain and hail aggravated damage, breaking plantations on private land on Lenin Street.

Fortunately, none of the people Berdyuzhe hurt. Damaged power supply has been restored in the shortest possible time immediately after the hurricane subsided.

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