Near Balaclava landslide

Near Balaclava landslide

In the area of the bay occurred Laspinsky shifts steep slope height of 12 meters.

As reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine in Sevastopol, the volume collapse — about 60 cubic meters. Part of the beach is completely closed.

According Sevastopol rescuers in the incident no one was injured at the same time, there is the possibility of a re-shifting of the soil in some parts of the upper part of the slope. "Also on the foreshore noted two collapse in the beach area, up to 20 cubic meters. At the direction of the Office of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Sevastopol by the Camp "Balaclava" worked to establish additional warning signs, fencing dangerous areas and monitors and patrols of the area ", — the press-service.

In this regard, the MOE called for residents and visitors to rest only in designated locations.

Recall, August 28, 2010 on the wild beach near the resort village Nikolaevka (Simferopol district) collapsed soil, which killed two tourists from Bryansk — man, born in 1960 and a woman born in 1963.

In June 2005, as a result of the collapse of the soil near the village of Kacha near Sevastopol killed 16-year-old girl — a Russian citizen, injured six people, one in serious condition was taken to hospital.

Collapse area of 60 square meters, tourists were under eight meters groundsheet.

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