Nine people were killed by the storm on the Atlantic coast of the U.S.

The death toll from a storm in the U.S. states on the Atlantic coast has risen to nine, according to the Associated Press on Saturday, citing the statement the police.

Previously, local authorities reported two deaths, which fell trees broken by the wind.

Elements affected the state of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington Capitals. Wind speed was about 120 kilometers per hour. Left without electricity, according to various estimates, from 2 to 4 million homes.

In the region of these storms — the powerful and devastating series of storms and hurricanes — called "Derech" (derecho).

As a result of the disaster serious transportation problems experienced Washington, in particular, trains in the U.S. capital subway hardly walk. It is reported that in West Virginia, where no electricity were 500,000 people, a state of emergency. According to the police, in neighboring Virginia, the storm killed two people.

According to U.S. media, power failure coincided with record high for this time of year the air temperature. According to reports, at the present time from Kansas to the District of Columbia set the temperature around 40 degrees Celsius, but the lack of light in most homes and institutions are not air-conditioned.

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