Number of natural disasters on the planet Earth has tripled

Number of natural disasters on the planet Earth has tripled Photo: APThe number of climate-related natural disasters and catastrophes in the poorest countries of the world is increasing every year. After 80 years of the last century, it has increased by 3 times. In this case, a sharp increase can be attributed to improvement in the work of journalists and population growth, says the results of the research charity Oxfam.

The study found a strange pattern: while the number of geophysical disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since 1980 has not changed, the number of accidents caused by floods and hurricanes, has increased significantly.

Oxfam research has affected more than 140 countries. For almost a third of a century recorded a marked increase in climatic disasters: from 133 in 1980 to 350 in recent years. According to Steve Jennings, author of the study, this trend may be the result of climate change.

"It is increasingly clear — he says — that there is a growth of weather-related disasters in some of the poorest countries, and this growth can not be attributed only to improve statistics. The statistics show a sharp post climatic hazards. Climate change is superimposed on natural disasters and strengthen them. "

After 1975, as a result of accidents and natural disasters have killed more than 2.2 million people. Two-thirds of the deaths were caused by disasters related to climate. According to the previous study, Oxfam, conducted in 2009, natural disasters each year, on average affected about a quarter of a billion people.

Moreover, the vast majority of accidents — 98% are climate. Experts predict that by 2015, the number of victims increased by half to 375 million people.

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