Off the coast of the U.S. and Mexico are rampant several hurricanes

Hurricane "Jovi", formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean, close to the coast of Mexico, according to the National Center warnings about hurricanes USA. The cyclone, which was formed last week as a tropical storm for the last day because of Hurricane scored the first category out of five on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Gust speed that accompanies a hurricane is 144 kilometers per hour.
At the moment, "Jovi" is located 560 kilometers from the Mexican port city of Manzanillo (Colima state) and moves at a speed of 9 miles per hour to the east. According to forecasts, in the next few days the hurricane could reach the southwest coast of Mexico.

Also, a few days earlier in the Pacific Ocean formed hurricane "Irwin." Gust speed that accompanies a hurricane is 130 miles per hour. Currently hurricane moving north-west at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour. The storm, which became the first hurricane of category on the Saffir-Simpson scale, within a few days may increase, says the National Center warnings about hurricanes USA.

In addition, the Atlantic hurricane formed "Philip." At the end of last week. According to meteorologists, the wind gust speed that accompanies a hurricane, reaching 144 kilometers per hour. Hurricane is located in 685 km south-east otBermudskih islands. Currently the cyclone is not a threat, since moving to the west coast of North America from a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

Tropical storms are named when the speed of an accompanying wind reaches 62 miles per hour. Storm becomes a hurricane when wind speed exceeds 119 kilometers per hour. To the hurricane was awarded the first category on the Saffir-Simpson scale that evaluates the potential damage from the disaster, its wind speed is 120 kilometers per hour. To go into the second category of hurricane wind speed should exceed 150 kilometers per hour.

Meanwhile, the number of victims of two powerful typhoons passing through the territory of the Philippines has reached 101 people, dozens still missing, according to RIA Novosti. Typhoon "Nisat" and "Nalge" unleashed its power to the northern part of the Philippines (especially on the island of Luzon) on September 27 and October 1, respectively. Typhoon caused severe flooding led to the destruction of agricultural land in the amount of about 12 billion pesos ($ 275 million).

Every year during the rainy season from June to December in the Philippine archipelago afflict about 20 storms and typhoons, and in June of this year, at least 18 Filipinos were missing and more than 75,000 have been made homeless by the tropical storm "Falcon" (International Classification — "Meara").
However, the record for the number of victims of natural disaster in the country holds a typhoon in 1991 that killed 6,000 people Philippine island of Leyte.

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