Omsk chasing poltergeist


Not having to move away from a meeting with UFOs, poltergeists Omsk attended to a problem. One of the broadcasters of tenants of the house on the street. Borodin with a message about the strange state of emergency occurring in their apartment.

On Friday, January 28, a popular TV "Antenna-7" showed in its broadcast the story, which told of the strange things that happen in one of the apartments on the street Borodin.

In the "strange" by Borodin apartment living Potasheva family — mother, father and their 13-year-old daughter. More recently, since they are very unusual things happen: the apartment flying saucers and cups, appear strange notes written gnarled hand with strange lyrics like "I'll kill you and your daughter."

Previously, no sign of the supernatural forces of the apartment Potasheva did not notice, but recently the family began to fear for his life. It is not known why the apartment started flying objects.
The fact that the apartment were strange things happen, first noticed the 13-year-old daughter. As said Larisa Potasheva, in one of the rooms began to spontaneously turn off the light.

— We thought that something with electricity, and it turns off by itself — says the girl. — And then as if out of nowhere started flying stones. And now began to fly and plates. It throws everything he comes across, and all the hits. And not in me, in my papules.



About the strange occurrences in the apartment and heard the neighbors who have been the object of attack poltergeist. How to tell the TV people Potasheva neighbor, they all turned around in the apartment. "Even in the few times I was flying crockery — says the woman. — That they suddenly begin to pour water like out of nowhere, then something else. "

How Potasheva told reporters, "Antenna-7", it starts to misbehave only when the apartment is a girl. Incidentally, the editorial staff RIA Omsk-Inform seemed that the history of Omsk poltergeist very much smacks of history, shown recently on one of the national channels. In the history of poltergeist activity also appeared at a time when the house was 11-year-old girl.

Interestingly, before filming crew plot "Antenna-7", fearing that the strange phenomenon can damage the equipment, asked the girl to leave the apartment. But, unfortunately, the fact of the presence of poltergeists television operator was unable to shoot.

According to the "Antenna-7" to deal with the strange phenomena will now be police and medics. In addition, correspondents promised to return in a strange apartment with experts in paranormal phenomena.

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