On a rock crashed UFO


This South Ural ridge could win over half of Roswell fame, the same shtatovskih town where in 1947 crashed UFO with aliens. Preserved evidence of the fall of the Grand Souk (incidentally, the word stress is on the last syllable, and from this it does not look quite so rude, ridge height 1,194.8 meters above sea level), the mysterious "fiery wheels." Oh, there would develop a strong tourism industry: hotels, cafes, souvenirs, books and TV shows … but no such luck.

A few years ago at the top of a large Sookie visited Chelyabinsk researcher Nikolay Avdeev mysteries of nature.

— The first story with the "Wheel of Fire" became interested in local history Satkinsky Vitaly Tchernetsov,-he said. — Vitaly came into direct contact with an older logger (name remained unknown to him), who in 1940 worked part time on the weekends as a watchman in the lumber camps in the foothills of the Big Bitch. And one Sunday, he witnessed the non-
the usual scene: on one of the peaks of the range curled "wheel of fire." According to eyewitnesses, the object of this is really reminiscent of a car wheel.

Such objects are seen in those places before, but this time the "wheel of fire" dove directly on the rock.

Lumberjack alone rose to the top, where a UFO crashed, and apparently even saw him wreck. But at the time, he was afraid to talk about it — and could land, and the story of the collapse of the "fiery wheels" became known only during the Khrushchev "thaw."

In the 1960s, Vitaly, while still young and full of energy local historian, went to the Big Bitch and found on one of the peaks of the individual pieces of "foil", scattered all over the place.

— Then it did not seem strange to him,-says Nikolay Avdeev — foil could bring and tourists. But now I realize that this "foil" could be related to the "Wheel of Fire".

Due to a serious illness Vitaly lost a leg in the last few years of his life went on his favorite Satkinskoe district. He gave Nicholas Avdeev old woodcutter story and pointed to the path leading to the recovery, to the scene of UFOs.

A few years Nikolai Pavlovich researched the top of Big Bitches. In addition to "professional" interest — search for "Bigfoot" — it attracted more about the accident and the story of the "fiery wheels." And finally, the researcher was lucky.


Nikolay Avdeev went to the rectangular "dent", formed in the rock. Its size is eight to eighteen meters. Rectangle exactly went into the ground.

The first thing that caught my eye was the half-century of spruce, all the twisted and mutilated, as if some unseen force was tying knots on its trunk. It turned out that these trees and mutilated in the most "dent", and at the edges a little. Even the stones in these places was bizarre shapes: one resembles a throne, in which an adult to sit comfortably, the second — a washboard.

— I do not exclude that these stones have taken such forms due to natural phenomena. Should consult with geologists — continues Nikolai Pavlovich. — But even more surprising than the twisted trees, called the "well", which seems to have no bottom.

At the heart of "dent" is round in shape, "puddle" in diameter and a half meter. Up to the top it is filled with mud and resembles a small swampy marsh. The researcher decided to find its depth and, to his surprise, the three-meter went off the stick in the mud, did not touch the bottom. These "wells" can be washed with water in karst layers, but the rocks Big Bitches — from granite.

— Of course, this place is unique and unusual, — concludes the researcher. — I took the seven soil samples in the "dent" and around it and I'm going to send them for examination to Professor Valentin Sapunova at St. Petersburg State University. If the examination finds any anomalies in the ground … In short, the mystery of Big Bitches still waiting for their decision.

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