On Christmas night about the arrest Akrestin again


Detentions by the Vice Chief of the Public Security Bureau of Minsk police Yevseyev.

The action took place peacefully. BCD activists sang under the walls of the prison Christmas songs and tried to transfer prisoners of the Bible, specifically collected to support prisoners Akrestin. Employees Akrestin Bible BCD activists have not taken, and Mr. Evseev demanded that the activists moved to 500 meters away from the detention center. Participants of the action moved away. If after the end of the Christmas songs they began to disperse, they started to detain.

According infarmtsyi "Nasha Niva"Among the detainees — Michael Mackiewicz and Olga Domorad.






According to witnesses, delay the guy who did not take participation in the action.



detention, Akrestin

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