On the adaptation of the student of the Institute, enrolled at the Faculty of Military Training

Let's start with the flow of information that is constantly being said, from the cradle "washed" of our students. We exclude child psychology at the early stages of understanding of themselves as individuals in a society, we are not going in this article and very immersed in parenting, though aware of how this principle in the development of the individual. We start from the middle and successful families with a mother and father, grandmother and brother (sister), I have an apartment of their (home), parents work and the median income in the country. Let's start with the 5th grade school (a prestigious school, lyceum, gymnasium, room and board and personal teachers) and we compared healthy boy! Such a snub-nosed boy!

Our kids are totally idiots (fool, stuffed), as is often able to temper some shouting "parents" in their own microcosm, and they live by their own laws, which are often hidden from their parents, these laws are formed in their environment, based on of their complex relations with the world in which all different! World of Russian villages, rural areas or remote places, like love with gusto read some Muscovites, "province" has kept the identity and purity, but how annoying it did not sound already destroyed 35 years as vodka — drink perdition, which abundantly sold there, and usually not certified — this world is totally different from the world of the town, where the boys appear on "12" floor and in the 5th grade, litsezrev of the car outside the city miracle Yudo, giving milk, it is gratifying and ecstatically screaming — " mother, mother look — a beast, beast alive! "Boys are different from the taiga wilderness boys, the boys of the sea from their peers steppes and mountains in its first clean vision of the world, this print with them and come to the first course of the Institute, of course game , laughter, satisfaction with life and football at all similar. The State component in this formation is very strong and principled, as they say, there is fighters and shepherds there are philosophers and hucksters, hardworking and undecideds.

Fifth-grader has eyes and ears, and the ability to absorb information in such volumes that envy at least some computer and the library! To these eyes and ears, and the direction mnogosutochno and cleverly feeds that need "help" to kill morally moral core rights in the country Our homeland and to develop it in the appropriate direction for them! A lot of the management unit, objectives and tasks, so to speak, "captains" of the flow of information in our country well said former managing CIA — SPEECH ALLEN DALLAS, CIA DIRECTOR ON U.S. Congress in 1945. (Directive Dallas Allen 20/1 from 18.08.1945g)

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

"He graduated from war, somehow settled down, settled. And we'll throw everything we have, all gold, all the real power in the stupefaction and fooling the Russian people. Sowing chaos in Russia, we are replacing them inconspicuously on bogus values and force them to believe these bogus values. Episode by episode … will be played excellent on their own scale disaster nepokorlivogo the death of the people on earth, final, irreversible extinction of its identity. … Literature, theater, movies — everything will portray and glorify the lowest human feelings. We will support and raise the so-called creators, who will plant and grind into human consciousness cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal — in short, of all immorality. Honesty and integrity … will be mocked, and no one will be needed, reincarnated as a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, heresy and deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal terror to each other and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and hatred of peoples, first enmity and hatred of the Russian people — all this we will be neatly and inconspicuously to cultivate, all double flowers bloom . We will shatter … so Makar, generation after generation. We will take on people from childhood, teenage years, we will always do the main rate at young people become corrupt, defile, corrupt it. We will create of the young — the cynics, vulgar, cosmopolitan. That's how we do it "

I do not know about you, pochetaemy reader, but I'm a long time analyzing this question, and later I was a little sad and bitter!

Well, well, back to the future students, and at the moment have a fifth grader! The term "information warfare" (IW) appeared in our country is not so long ago, and even then in the middle of special audience (and sorry, very sorry!) Well, what about it says the web?

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

1) The impact on the civilian population or the military of another country through the distribution of a particular disk imaging. The term "information-psychological war" was taken to the Russian language from the dictionary of the U.S. military establishment. The translation of this term («information and psychological warfare») with the British language may sound as "information warfare" and how "information, mental war"Regardless of the context of a specific document or official scientific publication. In this sense, the term is also used psychological warfare — psychological impact on the civilian population and (or) the military of other countries in order to merit a purely political or military purposes.

2) Targeted actions taken to the merits of the information advantages by harming disk imaging, information processes and information systems of the enemy while protecting its disk imaging, information processes and information systems. Typically, methods of information warfare is the release of misinformation, or submission of disk imaging in a successful way myself. These methods allow to change the assessment of what is happening population areas of the enemy, develop a defeatist mood, and, in the long term, to ensure the transition to the side of the leading informational impact. An example of the information war as including "information and psychological operations" (the term in the middle of the U.S. military), which spends U.S. Department of Defense in our time, such as in Iraq.

"U.S. Defense Department contractors pay personal in Iraq up to 300 million dollars for the creation of political materials, news, veselitelnyh programs and public service announcements for the Iraqi media in order to attract the local population to support the United States," — writes in the October 3, 2008 the newspaper The Washington Post.

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

A striking examp
le of information warfare is the conflict in Israel and Palestine, which is global, so it affects the interests of the more than 10-ka States. The warring parties use their own benefit various information resources: print media, television, radio, web. Intensively in the information used against hacker attacks, as Israeli organization JIDF — «The Jewish Internet Defense Force" — blocked the effect of the Internet community, "Israel is not country!, "Posted on the social network Facebook, with more than 45 thousand users and a group of Israeli hackers« Gilad Team », hacked into more than 15 Web sites, situated on the pages of the Israeli flag and the slogan" Hacked ". In turn, about the Palestinian hackers during "Operation Cast Lead" cracked a few thousand Israeli websites, as reported by the news agency Ynet, more than 750 Israeli websites were hacked for the first day of a military clash.

In the process of civilian war in Angola in February 1988, the Cuban air defense was hit by a South African fighter-bomber. His pieces and then the pieces were issued for many other aircraft, of which claimed downing Cubans.

During a military operation against Yugoslavia in 1999, shortly before the Yugoslav media reported cessation of the bombing that killed the defense of the country more than 160 NATO planes and helicopters. Immediately after the cessation of the bombing of the Yugoslav Chief of Staff Dragoljub Ojdanić announced a 68 shot down planes and helicopters, and a year later, this figure had been reduced to 37 planes and helicopters.

I think the reader will realize all true! [B] Q. I only have one — why in Russia so far not created committee counteract IV against Russia at the municipal level? [/ B]

Fifth grader looking at a newspaper kiosk in the photo Aunt Sissy, a sixth grader looking at a blue screen, the actions of the Teletubbies, seventh-grader drinks beer, because in advertising his drink cool kids with cool girls, and the Web site necrophilia Denmark, an eighth-grader playing a computer game «Call of duty »and« BATTLEFIELD 3 "where the brave U.S. Special Forces clobber in the down and feathers army of" bad and bloodthirsty "Russian, ninth grader bitterly aware that the ancestors can not pay for its sports section and a paid ticket to the competition, expensive equipment and gear already aware that in this world there are bankers, businessmen and gangsters is three 'BBB', and surprisingly they all live well, with civil servants, gay and confused! Umneet our guy! Grader looks "merikanskie movies", where it is cultivated, and the power of money, luxury living, learn a word like nepotism, bribery, and of sex he vyznat already in the fifth grade, but then was still not mentally ready! 11 class. Here it predzavershayuschy jump into life-exam, there are only thinking about it, do not go to the race, childhood ends! The first shot of vodka, God forbid drugs! Love Carrots, hormones, I know — do not bother me!

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

What you beheld in the far edge?

Over the years, our boy beheld and remembered in our country almost everything!

1. Dad often foul-mouthed about what they say on TV one, and in his plant and all other director receives 45 times more salary than the Pope turner!
2. Mother sighs that rapidly grow food prices and the need to start saving!
3. If Uncle steals from the factory amp will put him in jail, and if the uncle of tele stolen from the budget of the country a couple of billion, he will receive 12 years probation and will "suffer" in Courchevel!
4. There are shops where socks and stand at 1.5 truselya $ 000
5. On TV was stylishly swearing obscenities and show "Dom-2", where my aunt and uncle's glamorous substantiate that this is real love!
6. He remembered the old woman veteran who was looking at "foreign" sausage in a hypermarket and surreptitiously wiping tears!
7. The whole evening on TV all laugh and cheer!
8. When traveling with his father on a fishing trip in the train, Dad pointed to the beautiful elite village on the banks of a beautiful lake and ironically said that the servants of the people living there!
9. How often increases the cost of fuel in the country where the mineral resources belong to the "people."
10. As imperceptibly become chargeable at 75% of medicine and education.
11. On TV constantly demonstrate how to cure liver and uncle referee constantly every day someone sues and television series has become 37 a day!

Well, stop grumbling and puff, because a lot of our little boy saw and decent!

1. Something to Wear shoes and become colorful and diverse! In the Chinese market, many Chinese products!
2. Range of supply increased to exotic kangaroo meat, shark fins and winter strawberries are bursting-I do not want!
3. If you have the means — your world, fly, look rich!
4. Web opened up the world of reality!
5. The product range completely confused, everything is there!
6. People loosen up — tolerance is simply amazing! There are sexual ancestors number 1 and number 2
7. At every corner of the pharmacy, hairdresser and a dentist with the bank!
8. We were moving all the stars of the world 20 years ago! But the move!
9. On the phone now to the chagrin of "BBB" can be removed and put on the Web, and at least some normal (O, nightmare ordinary citizen!)
10. People began to strike out in the open! Previously, for it planted in the loony bin!
11. And we in the Army last "image" and teaching teams to destroy the terrorists in the outhouse!

That's what "savvy" student, slightly woozy from the universal freedom and democracy with tolerance comes at a competitive selection, so become officer supplies, resource mobilization country, in short, "if tomorrow the war, if tomorrow a hike!"
Based on the fact that the information about the Army of the Russian Federation had been formed information flows Humor, TV and the web, where pimply and hairy dashing young man in a cap and jacket military Forces tupit based on their memoirs about the ensign Shmatko and a quote from the website the television series " Soldiers "," The voice of Capital Radio Capital … time 18 hours for officers — 6:00 pm, for warrant officers — the large arrow at 12, on a small 6 ". The whole country on their own protectors!

It will focus and remind readers of two remarkable thought, one expressed vividly Russian autocrat, Alexander III — «All over the world we have only two true allies — he loved to read his ministers — our army and navy. All others, at first ability, themselves turn against us. " And the folk wisdom — "I do not want to feed your army, you will feed the enemy army!"

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Facul
ty of Military Training

Who will answer me why the entire line of the Russian media openly belligerent, obscene pours mucky one of the most important municipal institutions in the country of her pride and glory — Army? Who is it profitable? For what purpose?

In pre-revolutionary Russia for insulting the military uniform in okolotok dragged on for three days in a cool, not enough people know that in the U.S., and now, for insulting the military in a manner in a public place faces up to three years in prison, and for the violation of appearance and shape and differences of characters in the film, on stage or in the magazine — deprivation of the license and Monetary fines of up to $ 5 million

You, the reader probably already seen or used to the subjects of our Russian movies, where in a meeting with the mayor, the governor, or in the country at "BBB", certainly is thick with obtuse countenance, usually, always sweaty and with a handkerchief in his hand wiping sweat with his own bald patches, red-faced, drinking necessarily "on the ball" precious whiskey colonel or general in the Armed Forces! Do not hesitate, and he remembered our student! A vulgar film "DMB" where Colonel Forces on small need without removing pants, standing walks by himself, and always drunk and stupid general shoots after a picnic on the soldiers with a machine gun? In! Series about a moron, Ensign Zadoff not forgotten? This, too, looked and looked through the central channel of the Russian Federation our students, the future defender of the motherland! [B] Our proud of Defense has submitted to the Tribunal on the producer and the director? FSB have asked them how to be aware of it and who prepay? (Just ask?!) [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training
On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] Who and what right with the taciturn "Let him!" Dishonors the Russian officer, I ask you, the reader pochetaemy? Patron of the motherland! [/ B]

Why soldiers were proud of our country to go in the form of a prestigious couturiers only on May 9 and 23 February? And why in the working camouflage overalls, not tunic and pants? Is it time to start smart and evenly, do something? Either the Russian women give birth again?

Hard, very evenly passes adaptation zombie student at the military department at the institute, the first time he sees the machine, after the initial military training (NTT) at the school — the violence of the soul boy of moderate (ha ha, read, reader, again with a fifth-grader) . He learns that Nakhimov — is Russian Navy Admiral, and not the brand of cognac, will hear about Captain Gastello Nicolae Frantsevich, finds that the Apsheron regiment in battle Kunersdorfskom 1759goda, standing knee-deep in blood and survived!

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

Bitter, that at the moment of the students who occasionally 2 degree name the name of at least one of the first 44 teams fronts majestically Russian War, and it is absolutely ah, when Heroes Victory majestically one or two of strength!

But here's the first day and went on all the curious, because the boy wonder as a child playing in the "War" and cops and robbers, and here for you and the machine to give a hand, and the tank will show, explain how to work at the radio station, control the battle , set mine to collect the parachute and put UGC. Need to find out a lot of students yesterday, that in war and in critical situations not only destroy the enemy, and the lives of their own subordinates save! Protector of the Motherland honorable duty, no wonder the people in the beloved movie "Officers" of the central thread voiced phrase — "There is such a profession, to protect the homeland!" Study, after which there is no room for error, For error commander in the war — it's people's lives!

The eyes of the young man in military uniform opened the department, is not all because in the WHC and TV showed! He became an officer in the Russian Federation evenly!

[B] It passes through the fire, he goes, he has exceeded its own level of horror! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] And the water! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] Learn what a real gryazyuka and that its tanks are not afraid! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] He sees our small tool and proud of it! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] is trained to hit the enemy with the first shot! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

Walks on the ground [/ b]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] And the air! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] Blasts [/ b]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] And knocks! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] Listen [/ b]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] and the team! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

[B] He sees and hears our honored veterans, he is proud of in my heart that this is his veterans!!! [/ B]

On the adaptation of university students enrolled in the Faculty of Military Training

Evenly he adapts his attitude to the Army in a positive light, well, not the common man, the last major school of life that create only black (though honestly say this color can be found there), but you can find these colors everywhere and always, our life — it the combination of black with white. A lot of useful disk imaging, is not distorted stained information heresy, which was poured enemies, hoping to "wreak havoc" in the minds of our youth! Studies and service tempered, formed the eye, forced to look at the knitted gryazyuka, which poured over Army on sugary glamorous young people, who just do not beheld, not prochuyala and unlikely to understand when and how to throw on the march to take from sluggish fellow Machine and support him in the final meters, himself gasping lethargy! How to drag a wounded comrade, how to stay to cover the retreat, how to call a fire at you! Who was trained at the military department has, at least, understands it, analyze it, preparing for it! Task accomplished — boy realized yesterday, I realized thinking! It will take years, it would be a good employer and at some point the situation will be glamorous and expensive evening presentation on the evening will be a promising and smart businessmen, an elite district, an area of the town and in the noise of a representative conversation will certainly find the one who utters contemptuous "These stupid warriors: If you loudly and boldly say-[b] «No, you're right at the root, this is the Patriots, masters, those who are ready to protect you and to close their homeland from destruction, protect mothers, sisters, kids! Those who will kill the enemy inhuman! Those who will breathe for you! Patrons of native land from alien trash! " Who gave you the right to insult them??!![/ B] — [b]You've become a real man!!! [/ B]

The conclusion is simple: Adaptation Institute student at the military department was successful! For a student to our country!

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