On the adoption of a modern heaviest ICBM

On the adoption of a new heavy ICBM

According to numerous media reports, 12 April consultant commander of the Strategic Missile Forces mission (RVSN), the last chief of the Head of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Viktor Esin said that in 2018 our homeland should adopt the latest languid liquid intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) silo based megaton range, which will change the RS-20 "Governor." From the latest brand new ICBM will be different too high survivability due to heavy fortification protecting itself launcher, and a number of measures of passive and active defense.

On the adoption of a new heavy ICBMAccording to Esin, a complex of protective measures "will force a potential adversary to spend significantly more of their own nuclear warheads and their means of high-precision weapons" to display their new ICBM system. And in these criteria does not guarantee settlement of the entire grouping of such missiles, some of which will survive and will be able to strike back. With all this it is planned that the new ICBM will be located in existing silos (MSE), which will allow to save significant money. And according to another source, the complex includes the introduction of protective measures for the protection of the new ICBM silos and missile defense systems such as the C-400 and C-500 is capable of destroying an ICBM warheads and ammunition to the enemy of precision instruments, including cruise missiles and aircraft, and guided bombs.

According to Esin, with reference to the First Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin, until the end of 2011 the Defense Ministry must approve tactical and technical requirements (TTP) on creation latest heaviest ICBM development and the creation of which are included in the state armaments program to 2020 in the development of modern liquid ICBM will include all Russian defense companies, previously created a sea-launched missile for submarines "Blue".

Entered into force new START contract between the Russian Federation and the United States, as identified separately consultant commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, does not impose any restrictions on the development of new media by the parties and their combat equipment, subject to the established quantitative limits on delivery vehicles and warheads.

On the adoption of a new heavy ICBMIt should be added that, in principle, it is not news and they say this a long time. But a number of professionals and professionals in their own fields of activity does not cease to express their world view, a good few of the above. One of the last public events on the subject was a press conference "From the parity in strategic arms to a reasonable sufficiency", which took place on March 17 of this year, the agency "Interfax". Her about his own attitude to the question of creation and adoption armament SRF latest heaviest liquid rocket expressed general designer of the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology (MIT), a developer of strategic missile systems academician Yuri Solomonov and managing the Centre International Security Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS Corresponding Member of the RAS Alexei Arbatov.

According to Alexei Arbatov, the conclusion of the START-3, which defines acceptable number of nuclear warheads (1550) and Media (700) is the undisputed achievement. According to this contract, he said, "the main problem for Russia is not how to reduce their armaments to the fixed level in a new contract, but on the contrary — as rising earlier level." In other words, impartial process of moral and physical aging of Russian strategic forces by the end of the 10th anniversary may lead to the fact that the actual number of warheads and delivery vehicles may be substantially below the performance and later come in handy some time to achieve them.

On the adoption of a new heavy ICBMIn this situation, there are three ways in beliefs Arbatov, who can be elected. 1st — agree with this and "do not do this catastrophe," he said, because of the remaining funds will be sufficient for the tasks at hand. The second — to fill the gap between the established probable START-3 and the actual quantitative indicators to-date ICBM languid liquid and place in existing silos instead of "Governors" ("Satan" in the West). The third — to accelerate the deployment of missile exhaust systems, "Topol-M" and "Yars" mobile and silo-based anticipatory whose performance all previously done in this area, including and abroad.

Arbatov said that the second way is very popular and his supporters did not slip speed the creation and adoption armament newest ICBM, since there are already finished mine and known technology. The political scientist believes that this aspect of the situation, "the price — performance" is more favorable and optimal second option, which should speed up the implementation. He believes that the choice of a rational way — "this is not only a serious issue of national security, and international security in general, depends on the perspective of agreements on joint missile defense." He believes that "if we choose the latest version of the creation of the heavy ICBMs, in this case, you can forget about a joint missile defense" because "in this case, the trouble in the negotiations on the agreement promised a newcomer."

On the adoption of a new heavy ICBMWith all of this, he noted that the debate about the big ability to overcome the newest ICBM missile defense can be seen as what we think in advance about the impossibility of the merits of the arrangements in this field with the U.S. and NATO and, on this basis, we create tools asymmetric response in the form of the heavy missiles .

As yet the 1st option to solve this problem Arbatov proposes to start negotiations on a new contract by the end of the 10th anniversary with even more low levels, which will be closer to the capabilities of the Russian Federation to the designated deadline. It can be fixed levels, for example, applied to warheads within 1000-1100 units.

On the adoption of a new heavy I
CBMMore convincingly expressed his opinion about the need for the creation and adoption of the latest ICBM recognizable designer solid rocket complexes strategic focus, including and "Topol", Yuri Solomonov. He also noted that "contracted START-3 is difficult to overestimate," and believes that "the reduction of even parity level to a lower value, first the number of warheads, I'm not talking about boosters, of course, is a step in the right direction."

But, he said, "we try to maintain parity with the state's gross product that is not to mention the budget in the 10's once more than us, and that in itself causes question — And we need it? "As an example of a balanced approach to this issue, he cited China which now officially recognized by the state with the second in the world economy. Solomon said that with such "economic capabilities in 2007 China officially had 200 warheads, capable of reaching the U.S. countryside," and by 2015, according to official plans, their number should reach 220 units. And with all this, China is not observed zeal, by all means have a parity in the matter with the United States or Russia. Yuri Solomonov said that "once again we have to step on the" rake ", which came in 1983 in connection with the famous American applets SDI."

Referring to the existing experience, because there was a specific party to all the related events, J. Solomon said, "Then I personally tremendous cost of labor, as I wrote in his book, to assure control of the military-industrial commission and representatives of the Central Committee that declared South American media in relation to the X-ray lasers pumped by a nuclear weapon free electrons and is similar to the hypothetical questions. "

On the adoption of a new heavy ICBMAccording to him, the information on SDI was transformed into the Ministry of Defense requirements for future development of missile systems, "which" reset the "tried and tested all of us for many years, and sought additional costs. I'm not talking about some program notes, which were spent big money in those days . " As the designer, the output of all declared in the United States over the SDI was nothing. "Realistically there doing research, tests, made" building blocks "of the" structure ", which was never built. And we replaced in order to meet completely the same, made missiles, including the" voivode "- said Solomon.

Now he believes the single aspects of system development aspect of the "price — performance." "So it is accepted in the world and if we act differently, then once again make the mistake of believing that you can fully bestalantno waste of money, mental and material resources of the country", — said Yuri Solomonov.

On the adoption of a new heavy ICBMResponding to a question about the latest heaviest ICBM, Yuri Solomonov said that "its reasoned outlook over the creation of such missiles I already stated, and add to that reported several publications, I have nothing. Again I say that I think it's totally foolish occupation . " With all of this, he said that the basis of the creation of the modern liquid ICBM technology are 30-year-old. "And there is not even in the level of these technologies, and in the principle of the creation of a missile system which does not have the desired survivability in a retaliatory strike," — said the designer recognizable. According to Yuri Solomonov, "This rocket-non-adaptive media to modern concepts and tools missile defense elements gallakticheskogo home, due to the specific use of liquid rocket engines, having a fairly active site very long climb. "

So Makar, judging by the statements of recognized professionals and professionals, it must be emphasized that the particular representation, and even more so, the solution to the issue of the creation of the modern heaviest liquid ballistic missile silo-based ICBMs created to substitute "Governor (" Satan ") not currently no. Besides, that question its development can be considered resolved on the basis of what is one of the state program of armaments Fri until 2020, he requested more profound research and refinement. One can imagine that the process at the moment and goes, but, for obvious reasons, the general public about its details are not reported.

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