On the Anniversary of the Libyan revolution

On the Anniversary of the Libyan "revolution" "Revolution" in Libya was a year old. At the time, the new revolutionary Libyan authorities mark the anniversary of a successful revolt which led to the overthrow of the government and the death of Muammar Gaddafi, "Amnesty International" publishes not encouraging report a sharp deterioration in the human rights situation in that country.

In a sad day — for real, and coming people Libya, anniversary of the newest favorites authorities call for unity of civilization. The head of the Provisional Council of State of the country, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil in its own festive speech, said: "The peace and quiet do not come back to our town if we do not unite."

But the real situation in Libya, where it is necessary not to celebrate anniversaries, and solve critical steps to save the country, they say completely different announcements. The report "Amnesty International" reports the very sad situation Libya, and its provisions lead to a conclusion about what threatens Syria defeated the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Libyan town steeped in chaos and general looting. Armed clashes tribal and territorial associations have led to the fact that Libya has entered the index of 70 deaths per week. The country lacks an effective army, the police, who were able to put an end to impunity and permissiveness small and large armed groups, many of whom are openly criminal character. In jail are mass murder Gaddafi supporters (and, accompanied by izymatelstvami and torture), but they are not interested in the fate of the world society. Now in his sights Syria and Iran.

As noted in its report, the creators of the organization, the most worrying phenomenon in Libya, they believe that the numerous armed groups, gangs, who were invited to the center to the periphery of the country and all over the Islamic world to overthrow the government of Colonel, and are not going to disarm. At the most, it is ready to go on some of these self-styled militias — is to join the Libyan armed forces. Other gangs enjoy what are kept under the control of a certain area. In addition, this negative phenomenon is superimposed on the general armed men.

Speakers report a crash of the system of social security, health systems and universal education, which at the time were considered Gaddafi's among the best in the region. Ordinary people have lost faith in the future, a sense of security, none of them is not the conviction that now or tomorrow, it does not get robbed, destroyed or crippled. Of course, in such a situation we talk about the unity of the country does not fall, there is a great danger that Libya will simply fall apart on the eastern Cyrenaica, Tripolitania western and south-western Fezzan.

It is clear that under these criteria — the collapse of the system of social security, health care, 6.3-million population (data from 2009) will be drastically reduced. That's a lot to feed the criteria, when most of the country's desert and semi-desert, and a glimmer of life in coastal towns and oases. These people simply do not need the world community, "the market." Their existence was based on a massive centralized government and produce joint projects, allocate resources of the country more or less true.

It is significant that report "Amnesty International" has not caused any resonance in the middle of the "enlightened" countries of the West. Although it is still a year earlier European human rights organizations, and of policies carefully sutured to the "case of Gaddafi," at least some fact which characterize the regime of Colonel on the negative side.

In addition, it should be noted also that the Libyans — the vast majority are themselves made this choice and now with a vengeance, "delight in" the realities of the modern "democratic country". Fighting for "democracy" — and got it in the form of the collapse of the social-oriented country, the authorities have weak little government impunity "warlords" real power "friends" with the West and the Sunni monarchies.

This differs from the Libyan people of Syria — Syrians in their own weight categorically do not want the arrival of such a "democracy of chaos", as in Libya. Although it is clear that Syria is not flawless country and its citizens have a claim against their own government, the president and the government in general. But for now — this is their president and power, and not someone else's doll, they can solve their problems without the help of others. In the eyes of the Syrians "celebration of freedom" that is going on in Libya, Somalia, Egypt and Yemen.

The anniversary of the Libyan revolution has once again showed great that chaos and anarchy are much worse and more terrible than it does not matter what kind of dictatorship. Earlier, a similar example could behold in Iraq, where the only hard power Saddam Hussein held back the country from collapse and pripiraniya state and religious minorities, collision Shiites and Sunnis.

That's why at some point victory of the revolution ends tough things in order. The only force that can impose this order, the Islamists are constructive. A further scenario is known — an attempt to make the "Great Caliphate", the war with Israel. Long "myatezhvoyna" with Russia, Europe, China, and India. All the "infidels." All will benefit from it the Anglo-Saxons.

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