On the islands of Tokelau near New Zealand finished drinking water

On the islands of Tokelau, a state of emergency due to the shortage of fresh water. It is reported by Agence France-Presse on Tuesday, October 4, with reference to the government of New Zealand. Tokelau — the territory administered by New Zealand, which consists of three small islands in the Pacific.

According to the authorities, the water in Tokelau have less than a week. Emergency caused by the absence of seven months rains caused by a natural phenomenon called, known as La Niña. In 2010-2011, the "Baby" with his twin brother El Nino has caused devastating floods in Australia, South America and Africa.

Earlier, the state of emergency was introduced in the Pacific state of Tuvalu, which is also an acute shortage of fresh water. There have already introduced the daily rate of its consumption.

On Monday, from New Zealand to Tuvalu flew plane that should deliver there water containers and equipment for sea water desalination.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully (Murray McCully), other Pacific islands also reported a shortage of drinking water. About what the islands in question, not reported. They can also be assisted by New Zealand.

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