On the question of the imperial status of the Russian Federation

For 20 years, in our society there are heated debates about what do we need empire, what is the imperial power status and the means by which it can be achieved. Try to understand why the word "empire" in some of our citizens immediately appear associations with bloodshed, genocide, conquest and oppression of peoples, and the other is a word associated with the progress, prosperity and harmonious coexistence of peoples.

As you know, Russian historical science and political discourse operated on the concepts of "imperialism," "imperialist," "imperialist war" (the first global), "imperialist aggression", etc. All of these concepts have had a negative charge that is firmly fixed in the minds of our people, and even in the Russian language. The imperialists — is the country's Russian enemies, it is the capitalist countries of the West, First U.S., the antipodes USSR. Russian historical and political science did not compare with the empires of the USSR, which he, nevertheless, was full.

More significant contribution to the creation of negative things to imperial ideas and zeal brought the destruction of the Soviet Union and the subsequent so-called "liberal revolution" and "democratization" of Russia. Now the concept of empire was no longer attached to the Western powers, and by the Russian Union collapsed, and often those episodes of its history and features of social life that are associated with political repression and other disadvantages. Apart from this, the post-Soviet space has been circulated myth of the aggressive nature and expansion of Russian Empire USSR.

On the question of the status of imperial Russia

A significant contribution to that part of the modern society does not accept discussion about the restoration of the Russian Empire in earnest, brought, surprisingly, the motley political groups, which are prevalent in the title the words "imperial"" Monarchical "," sovereign ", etc. We will not list them separately. Let's say one thing to the creation of the absolute majority of them were not too far promotions patriotic views and thoughts of restoring Russian Empire, but exactly the opposite: they are discredited. Support similar movements are often considered not only in bad taste or faddish, and sometimes even threatening criminal prosecution.

So, the reason not to support or simply fear of imperial thought the Russians have quite enough. But note one thing. Ardent challenging historical vocation of the Russian Federation as an empire, as well as unbridled nationalism frank, — the lot of people who are not very educated. No matter how extreme, unsafe and unwise. People who do not recognize the imperial nature RF and its imperial future, just do not fully understand what is at stake. They diligently substantiate that they are "for democracy", "against gains" for "world peace". Meanwhile, the imperial thinking not only does not contradict these items, and fully supports them.

Need to realize and admit that our homeland has never built its empire with brutal positions. Our homeland — empire creative. The peoples who have ever entered into it just doing its own natural choice of civilization, always on voluntary basis. The call-Russian Empire — call good and creation, based on the idea of opposing forces of world evil. Being in the imperial status, Our home has always ruled and, God willing, will be managed with this its mission.

In order to verify the correctness of these words, quite a creative model to compare the behavior of Russian Empire to today's model of behavior of this evil empire — the United States. "Empire evil "- is not the Soviet Union, particularly since practically the whole world at the moment is the U.S.. The last state, which had a global style focus of evil, was Nazi Germany. In the 21st century, this role is firmly entrenched for the U.S..

Behind the screen of democracy and economic well-being of the United States are covered with sea of blood spilled. For example, it is estimated-independent professionals, the number of victims in the middle of the Iraqis for the entire period of American anger estimated numbers from 600 thousand to 1 million people! These numbers are fully comparable with the number of victims of Nazi aggression in Europe. This is not only a parallel can be drawn between the U.S. and Nazi Germany. Americans fought a fully fascist ways. According to some reports, during the first Iraq war South American aviation after the cease-fire struck a powerful air strike on departing from the territory of Kuwait, the Iraqi columns. The use of depleted uranium shells, vacuum and cluster bombs — black United States, and left them in Vietnam, the Balkans, and in the Arab East.

Just imagine for yourself what our home someday will allow themselves to act in a similar way. It is simply unrealistic to imagine. The same fate of Georgia and its people would be in such a case is very sad.

At his feet lay the Russian Federation in Germany, so that there is Germany, half of Europe, and this happened more than once. But the will of the imperial RF Favourable and was the French after Napoleon's invasion, and the Turks after the liberation of the Balkans, and to the Germans after the Russian victory in the stateliness. The Russian fighter is not mired in the murder of women, babies and the elderly.

Speaking of the Empire, you need to clearly distinguish between the concepts of good and evil, and, of course, keep in mind the role of in the destinies of the world that most of the ordinary: it is the confrontation of world evil. This justifies all our history.

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