On the surface of the Sun discovered a giant smiley


Ivan Terekhov



After registration, the prominence of colossal dimensions, recently appeared on the surface of our star, scientists told about another surprise. These days, the sun can be seen a giant smiley face, formed as a result of the activity of magnetic fields.


"Smile of about 600 thousand kilometers and eye diameter of 200 thousand km form the magnetic field of the Sun. Black areas are fields of negative polarity, and white — positive. The pupils of the Sun is about four times the diameter of Earth, that is, in those eyes, in fact, you can drown, "- said in a statement Labs X-ray astronomy of the Sun Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI).


"From the look on the face and wide-open eyes, the nature of the stars, close to where we live, it is quiet and a little careless," — joking scientists. Smiley will disappear from the "face" of the star in a few days when the sun rotating around its axis, turn away from the Earth.

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