On Tsimlyanskii reservoir mass die young fish

On Tsimlyanskii reservoir mass die young fishTold "AIF-Volgograd" reported in the state institution "Nizhnevolzhrybvod."

According to the main institutions ichthyologist Sergey Yakovlev, from the end of last week, the coastal areas of the Gulf Chirskov Tsimlyansk reservoir near the village Novomaksimovsky littered with dead fish.

The number of dead specimens is about 10 thousand. Mostly died young of silver carp — the average individual weight of fish were dying — about one hundred grams, and overall weight lost about 5 tons of fish.

The probable cause of environmental emergency — pollution of the coastal area so called "ballast water" from passing through the Volga-Don shipping route tankers or bulk carriers.

In Chirskov department fisheries conservation organization "AzDonrybvod" does not preclude the biological version of PE:

"This spring flood on the Don was virtually no current level Tsimlyansk" sea "of 1.5 meters below the design. So it is possible self-poisoning coastal part of the reservoir in calm weather due to lack of oxygen in the water. "

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