One Atlanta in Earths history

Part I. Atlantean race (4th root race of Earth).

That Atlanta — one of the seven archangels of the Earth 49. His spiritual father — Supreme God supervises the Level 2 system in the galaxy Sirius Orion Nebula. Toth was born soul twice in the history of Earth. The first birth was in the Lemurian race (third root race of the Earth), a second birth — in the early races of Atlantis (4th root race of Earth). He is no longer in the world was born, so is He called Atlanta.

1.Detstvo and youth Toth.

He was born to Atlanta Lemurian Zeus Atlantki of the first generation. At that time, Zeus was the Lord of Shambhala 2.

Quite often babies Atlanta fell in love their teachers Lemurians. If the teacher saw that Atlanta feelings sincere, created a family with him.

Children whose parents were of different races, such as Lemurian and Atlantki, called nefelimami. Nefelimy had growth slightly lower than the Lemurians, but higher than Atlanta. Nephilim are born only in the beginning of the new race. He was nefelimom.

Early Life of Thoth passed in Shambhala with his father and mother. He was then sent to the magical school, which was located on the surface of the Earth. All these schools had three. They took in children 9-11 years old. It was believed that the earlier a child learn to use their energies, the better for him and safer for the environment. And then suddenly a child sneezes and floor smash home.

After finishing his studies in magic school he returned to Shambhala, where he was and still is a magical "institution." It trains teachers Toth Ras Lemurians as much as he considered it useful to for themselves.

2. Tree of Life and the Power Crystal.

At the end of the "Institute" He went to the Stars for knowledge. First he flew to the inhabited world of Sirius, who oversees his spiritual father. From there, he brought the seed crystal, which was put in Shambhala, powering on the energies The soul of the planet. Crystal grew from the Tree of Life, which gives the Flower of Life. And the fruits of it were crystals of power.

Each branch of the Tree of Life, taken out through the portal to Earth, where she had a keeper of the Masters of Light. Keeper of the fruit-gathering crystals, gave their teachers light and protected from the Masters of Darkness.

Crystal chose his future owner, as long as it was light. Between Master and Crystal Light was energy metabolism, through which bright Teacher qualitatively increased the level of their magical abilities, Crystal lived. Such an alliance could last for centuries and millennia.

If Crystal got to the Master of Darkness, soon died. Black Teachers bailing on the magical energy of the crystal case without subsequent recovery. Killing one stone, Master of Darkness begins the hunt for others. Therefore, the Tree of Life and its branches were protected.

Tree of Life is powered light energy of the Soul of the world. When he dies the next Lord of Shamballa Soul of the Earth is no one to clean it gradually darkens, and the Tree of Life is no longer to flower and bear fruit. Anticipating this, even at our Aryan race (5th root race of Earth) That, along with the Masters of Shambhala gathered all available at the time Crystal Force, loaded them into the ground and The crystal lattice created Earth. Within this lattice is destroyed dark energy emitted by people. Unfortunately, in our time, most of the crystal in Europe and other places have died or been unearthed during the construction of the subway.

This underground crystal lattice is powered by a special computer of Orions — representatives of the inhabited worlds of the galaxy Orion Nebula, which includes the world of Sirius. The computer is in standby mode Shambhala change of times our Aryan race.

3.Bely city.

After a visit to Sirius He went to the legendary White City, which floats in space throughout the universe. No planet can not compete in size with this giant. It consists of seven sectors (according to the number of galaxies in the universe dwells.) Each sector is further divided into 7 parts (by number of habitable worlds in every inhabited galaxy). In this city live and communicate with the Master of the universe. Knowledge is a stronghold.

In the White City can be reached by boat or visit spiritually. Teachers who left to live in the White City, become the property of the universe. They are called the Wanderers, they transform the Jedi from the movie "Star Wars." Wanderers help worlds come up to the change of epochs: transmitting knowledge and people are fighting in space with alien invaders — foreign and foreign-gray-black, which are the quiet turn of time promoting their interests.

Wanderers help Earthlings with Doomsday Atlanta, but their results are not satisfied. So some of them have chosen a series of births in the world to the next, is ours, turn of time to fix and finish started in Atlanta. After that Wanderers leave this world until the next change of epoch.

4.Stroitelstvo complex of pyramids.

After returning from a trip to the Stars He built a complex of pyramids of various sizes. The largest pyramid called the Great. Now the whole complex is located on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle. One of the functions of the complex of pyramids is the saturation Land of light energy. Already at that time, it became clear that the majority of Atlantis turned to evil. He thought that if the pump light earth light energy, they will outweigh the heavy dark energy emitted by the Atlanteans. This will help the earth pass away from Nibiru, which will reduce the scale of the destruction and save the life of Atlanta.

As emitters of light energy he used crystals forces which is located on top of the pyramids. To enhance the flow of energy through the Crystal Light on the Great Pyramid, he did not pick it from the Tree of Life. He created a portal that led to the top of the Great Pyramid branch Tree of Life, along with a huge crystal of the Force. In fact, from the top of the Great Pyramid shining light of the soul of our planet. On the opposite side of the globe light Crystal Light Force maintained radiation energy of the Soul of the Earth with the top of Mount Kailash.

The idea was good, but was not considered: before saturating the earth and the light energy of people, we had to clean up all of the dark energy, the people themselves began to emit light energy.

Near the Great Pyramid He built the Sphinx in the image of a female bird with the face of the future third Legislator Earth.

5.Konets Light Atlantis.

After the construction of the complex of pyramids He has long lived and worked in Shambhala, awaiting the arrival time of three lawmakers.

It has been 10 800 years since the creation of the Atlantean race. There was a time when the fate of each race: can it continue to grow creatively or it is time to give a chance to people new race. In the world of Atlantis was born the third legislator, but for some reason abandoned its mission, and this burden fell on her understudy and son of Prometheus.

Prometheus family lived in the village, he saw no possibility to bring his knowledge to a large number of people. From the experiences of a boy fell ill: he could walk and talk. At the age of 3 years old, he was taken to the big city, where long episode. When Prometheus stronger, then I left the hospital and went to preach about God and the soul in the streets and railway stations of the city. The most surprising is that the boy appeared disciples and followers, but they were few.

Prometheus was a child and could not act as legislator in full. For this reason, the gods put on the total, as one of the best teachers of the Light, Part 3 duties Lawgiver. New business — the new name. He took the name Lucifer — Suspension Light of Truth. Lucifer passed people have the knowledge of the gods of the world order, of good and evil, to Atlanta could go the way of light and love.

At the same time, among the Atlanteans lived priest whose sermons attracted a large amount of people. Authorities decided that he is a great contender for the Mission (Christ), so they do not interfere with his preaching. Caressed by the authorities, corrupt offerings and reverence people priest imagines himself to God. Any dissenting opinion from the "official mission" was waiting for death or exile to labor colonies. In every village and town were the guillotine, where on Saturday publicly held executions. So people in the world the Antichrist.

When it became clear that the Earth will be too close to Nibiru and Doomsday is inevitable, people realized that "a man can die but once," and rebelled. Started an open confrontation of the rebels and the authorities. On the side of the rebels were Shambhala Teachers and official rescuers Reptoids. On the opposite side were the black priests, who were supported by the alien black and gray. He took an active part in the fight against the black, pursued the Antichrist, but missed out on it: Antichrist escaped through the Stargate to Mars, under the cover of innocent people.

When a giant wave covered the Earth, most Atlanteans were on the space station, the moon and Mars. The remaining people were rescued on the roofs of tall buildings, built on technologies Reptoids. People were shooting from the roof to rescue Wiman and sent to the underground capital of Shambhala. He ran one of these Wiman.

After saving people the main task is to create a new race of people, the appropriate flora and fauna. He met with the Antichrist postponed for "later".

The gods decided that one on the right with the assigned duties to work in a shift of Ages Atlanta, and he was one of the named Sanat Kumar Kumar — the sole representative of the immortal race of Atlantis on Earth. Kumar is the first under the name of Hades Lemurian Sanandana Kumar — the only representative of the immortal race of Lemurians.

Part II. The Aryan race (5th root race of Earth).

1.Creation Aryan race.

After the Last Atlantis Earth is a water desert. Teachers Ras started to create a new race — the Aryan. A total of 7 groups. Each led by one teacher Ras, two assistant helped him. He took the name of Ra, and led a group of Leo. Helped him to Isis and Nephthys.

Survivors of Atlantis was too much to Capital Shambhala could accommodate a 7-Tots and groups. Therefore every teacher of Ras built for his group a separate city. Suitable for this purpose huge caves in the earth's crust, within which you can fit several thousand city. If necessary, the cave widened through the amalgamation of several caves. Over the houses of Technology Reptoids sprayed golden pollen, which met under the roof of the caves in the golden clouds. Clouds illuminated and warmed by urban residents.

He deliberately chose the place for the city in the African continent. He knew these places, because at the time they climbed in search of gold deposits on the needs of Shambhala.

7 underground city of Shambhala, which created a new race of Aryans, are at a great distance from each other. They are connected by tunnels. From one city to the other can be accessed only by vimaana. For this reason, babies of different groups did not communicate with each other.

2.Sozdanie Egyptian civilization.

When the waters of the Flood subsided, the land was to revive. The underground cities of the rising third generation baby. Teachers tell their kids about the blue sky and sun, plants and animals on Earth. This is the moment when the kid wanted to see all of his eyes. The teacher showed the way up, and the baby started coming out to the outside world of the Earth, to equip a new life. Lion group went in Egypt and went in different directions.

Some time later, He came to the surface and began to build on the plateau of Giza (right above their underground city) pyramids and sphinxes. Isis and Nephthys built with it. Other helpers are not needed. He used in the construction of power Rod, who inherited from Zeus after his death. Isis and Nephthys have had their magical tools.

He built a pyramid complex — a small copy of what flooded waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. The site was chosen the most beautiful: on the bank of the river. On the roof of his apartment building underground He built the Sphinx, between the legs which made entry. At the time of the construction of the Sphinx rose considerably above the ground. Much later, the base will be written to the Sphinx with sand, and people will think that the Sphinx from the start was on the ground. Originally, there were two sphinxes, but remained one. If someone wants to know how He looked Atlanta — look at the face of the Sphinx.

Changed after the pole shift the composition of air was unbreathable Atlantis, so he and the other teachers went to Atlanta a special mask for breathing. Later, masks were worn Egyptian pharaohs, including its mandatory attribute of power.

He built a pyramid complex near the city, which has established its part Tots group. More Kids in the underground city of Thoth considered not only their teacher, but also the ruler. Coming to the surface, He retained that status. Living next to the baby, He established a system of society — the laws, regulations, frameworks that would enable them to live right in the world. And that it all came into their lives, had to go through generations that have lived in this same Laws. That is, the laws of the child should imbibe with their mother's milk. For this reason, He has established for itself a period of 1000 years, during which he was the ruler of Egypt under the name of Ra. This time he thought sufficient to Laws and Principles entrenched in his children and their descendants.

3.Zachistka Mars.

Finishing his millennial reign One delegate his good governor. And he decided to visit to escape to Mars Black elite Atlantis and continue the conversation with the Antichrist.

By that time, Mars is the second of the younger generation who were brought up in the tradition of Black Worship. Atlanta from Mars and were the "Legion" of which is written in the Apocalypse. Legion planned to land on Earth in our turn of time, going through the Stargate and set your own rules here. Such an alignment of events did not suit Toth. He decided to talk to people about their intentions of Mars.

When the ship landed on Mars Thoth, he was met and escorted to the Antichrist. He reminded him and his supporters that their karmic debts have not been paid and asked, "Do they intend to change their views on life and return to the light, good, love?" He honestly warned that in the event of Mars will be stripped, and Atlanta overtake Doomsday, from which they fled. In the language of diplomats, the proposal was met with Toth deep misunderstanding and rejected.

Before you depart from Mars is the spiritual spoken with the Atlanteans, to which was able to "reach out", and warned of impending sweep the planet. Those who heard his call, left Mars in their boats and took refuge on the space station and the moon. But, not all have done so. Among those born on Mars was the one we know as the Archangel Gabriel. He sacrificed himself, blocking the path of the legion, bursting to Stargate to escape.

He then threw in one of the volcanoes a special "box", which is activated all the volcanoes of Mars, the planet turned inside out "inside out." All those who did not have time to leave the planet, were killed.

4.Knyaz World.

After stripping Mars Thoth was given the title of Prince of Peace, which is responsible for helping the Lords of Shambhala, Shambhala and look after the people in the world between the boards of the official Lords of Shambhala. Since then, He often was the temporary Lord of Shambhala named Sanat Kumar.

5. The split among the teachers. The fall into evil.

Approximately 7500 years ago among teachers, who lived on the Earth's surface — is Aryans had a disorder. They began to compare the case of Thoth and Vishnu (4 Lord of Shambhala), deciding which of them was more than a great teacher?

The reason for this gossip was the proposal of the Gods to fulfill one wish of Thoth as a reward for good work in the change of times of Atlantis and stripping Mars. But the wishes of Thoth had three power over the world, victory over all evil and love of the woman he loved long ago. He chose love.

He was the husband of the woman in his life at the first race of the Lemurians. But, since the Atlantean race, she invariably chose another man, believing it more in need. He continued to admire it, hoping and waiting.

Received the blessing of the gods on the performance of his wishes, He ran to the one he loved. At that time, she was born and lived on earth. At first all went well, he received the agreement and began to prepare for the solemn nuptials. But then, something unexpected happened: just before the wedding, the bride has run away. This event occurred before the war, Russia and China. Later this historical fact, heavily distorted, form the basis of the Greek myth of Helen of Troy.

Fleeing bride was a heavy blow to Thoth. He could not understand how this is possible? After all, for what he took — it turned out, the gods gave him the desire, and the favorite escape.

He began to analyze: "Where is he wrong?" That's when he fell into doubt: "But whether he acted stripping Mars? Maybe not immediately, but after a few generations of Atlanta would have changed and turned to the light? "In the end, the one thought that good and evil should be given an equal chance, and began to bless people like to do good and to evil. This solution has played a trick on him: Toth was to demolish evil.

The line between good and evil has always been thin and conventional. Each person determines that it is good and what evil, raising or lowering the cross member. He lowered his cross member between good and evil is very low. As it happens, we can consider the example of Hitler.

Initially, Hitler had the intention to clear the Jews in Europe by expelling them to Israel. Then, Hitler decided to go beyond the resettlement of Jews and the destruction of this nation began, and then the other "not true Aryans."

Approximately, the same happened with Thoth. Personality Toth began noticeably dark, and there was a threat to the transfiguration of the Master of Light Master of Darkness.

Later it turned out that the dearest wish of Thoth — to be with the woman — could be fulfilled only in the future. He realized this when, during the war with China, Russia once again met his bride, and spoke to her. After that conversation, he began to plan for the future with the woman in the upcoming change of times the Aryan race. How he did it is described in the "Emerald Tablet".

He and the other Masters of Ras did not participate in the debate about teachers who are great: He or Vishnu? By the time the Earth's surface remained Masters of Atlantis. Some of them went down to their underground city, and entered into a state of somatic to help their babies from the spiritual world and in the realm of the dead (for ordinary people, they are gods). Other teachers of Atlanta died to begin a series of births in the bodies of the Aryans.

Ras teachers understand that everyone is good in its place. How can you compare teachers who have a different scope of responsibility?

Vishnu as the Lord of Shambhala was responsible for all the worlds EARTH: the dead, the living world, parallel worlds, the worlds of the Looking Glass, The Spiritual World Teachers. Vishnu had contact with the Soul of the Earth, so I knew about all the problems of all the terrestrial worlds and had time to deal with them.

He is the Prince of Peace, often perform work temporarily Lords of Shambhala, who ruled 100 years. At the same time He is responsible only for cases over in Shambhala and the world's people. For all the other worlds of the Earth looked after other teachers.

Teachers Aryans (Disciples Disciples Disciples of Atlantis and …) do not understand all these subtleties and looked at the results of cases of Thoth and Vishnu superficial. Not agree among themselves, teachers were divided into two camps, and the rest went to Thoth in Egypt. This greatly weakened the Tibetan group of teachers that led the people of Russia and China.

The conflict between Russia and China has been brewing for a long time. Both states have the latest developments in robotics. Developers impatient in practice to test the effectiveness of new weapons. From direct conflict kept Teacher. When some of them went to Egypt from Tibet, China has decided that the remaining teachers will not keep Russia from the desire to make war, and attacked first.

The war with China, Russia, was for many years. Toward the end of the war Toth took the legendary duel with Archangel Michael.

Let's start with the fact that they have always been best friends. That is why the conversation with Thoth Teacher charged Archangel Michael. No one is going to kill. Archangel Michael told a friend that he was slipping into evil, and he is about to become evil. During the conversation, both flared up, and began a magical duel ended melee. "Let off steam", the friends continued to talk in a more peaceful way. As a result, the Archangel Michael was able to find the right words: He repented sodeyanom and wanted to correct his mistakes. After that Archangel Michael and He fraternized again and went on his way.

6.Rasscheplenie Soul Thoth into 3 parts.

After a conversation with Archangel Michael He decided to correct all the evil he has done to people, because his fault their Souls no power. This left them with energy for many centuries and millennia, so ever since the human soul after death often go to hell.

For this reason, He decided to help the souls in Hell, the dead, and in the distant future to help people and their souls during the Day of Judgment at the end of the Age. But to do that he had to give up life on the physical plane of existence and completely on the spiritual level to work in the spiritual world of our planet. To do this, go to the Teacher somatic. But left open the question of what to do with the people who live and will live in the future in the world infected with evil? After all, He spread his, giving the blessing of the gods, as in the good things and the bad. And then he decided to take a desperate step — to split his soul in two, to his child was living among the people and help them in the fight against evil, both in their sins, telling them about God.

Intended — done. In the process of splitting into a new soul, the soul of Thoth passed and Evil. This time saw the Archangel Michael, who oversaw the whole process of splitting. He immediately sealed Evil Thoth in the speck that evil could not get out and start over.

Upon learning that his evil turned into his child — a piece of his mind, he did not destroy it, and made a re-splitting, which nearly cost him his life, and his soul is without power. Thus were born two more parts of the Soul Toth.

Two new part of Soul Toth born in ancient Egypt, as twin brothers Osiris and Seth. The people of Egypt loved Osiris, because he told them: "Live with love, and the gods are with you," and he was afraid of Seth, who kept saying to everyone: "Do not sin, and that will go to hell and you're there to suffer for eternity."

Of jealousy of popular love Seth killed his brother, and his body hidden. Wife of Osiris — Isis (she teacher) has launched a process of self-fertilization. In the fruit came Soul of Osiris. Baby boy named Gore.

When the time of their lives come to an end, and they both died, Gore decided to be born in Shambhala, to be with his father, Thoth, helping him. But Seth decided to be born on Earth, because life in Shambala seemed like fresh as opposed to the passions and temptations to which people live in the world, falling into sin.

Later, Gore returned his soul fragments Thoth. That, in turn, gave his soul fragments Seth, to strengthen his soul. Currently in the world there are two parts of the soul of Thoth: Thoth and Seth.

He closely follows his son, born on earth in time to neutralize its evil if it could destroy the Seal of Archangel Michael and released, because he realized a simple truth: EVIL DO NOT GIVE no chance!

7.Vlastelin Hell.

Approximately 7500 years ago, he became the Lord of Hell — Underworld realm of the dead. To do this, he changed the polarity of the Soul from positive to negative, becoming the Angel of Darkness.

I must say that I work in Hell can ONLY Teachers of Light. Teachers of Darkness is not the ability to cure the soul and personality of people because of their tendency to destroy everything. In Hell raging ice power with low vibration. In order to work safely in the Hell Teacher light changes the polarity of his soul from positive to negative. If the soul is the Supreme Master of Light (her parents Supreme God — one of the creators of the universe), this teacher is the Angel of Darkness, REMAINING Master of Light.

As the Lord of Hell He was named Satan. Name of the hierarchy of Hell remains of the Lemurian: devils, demons, devils, demons, and Satan. In fact, the Kingdom of the Dead is a hospital, where the Master of Light recovered and purified from sin darkened soul and personality. Hell
resuscitation is where get much de-energized, the darkened and blackened from the sins of the Soul and Personality. Satan, thus, can be compared with the head physician. His work includes the ability to correctly place the Teachers in the levels of Hell, where their abilities will work best for enlightenment darkened shower and personality.

Of all the work of Thoth, Lord of Hell as the best known men of his work on a treaty on the "selling of souls." In fact, no one can "buy" or "sell" the soul — a creation of the Gods. "Buy" or "sell" his personality is possible at the current life.

This story began with "selling souls", approximately 7500 years ago, when the alien Greys, wanting to capture our world began to conclude a similar contract with the people to disconnect humanity. As a result, the whole experience, memory and energy Personality "contractor" went out to foreign-gray, de-energizing the human spirit. This is without power and soul fell into Hell without power to rise above. And when gets out, it often fell to a new contract with the foreign-gray.

Admission to hell so many de-energized Souls who rebuilt over the centuries, not like Thoth. He decided to be proactive, and he began to enter into treaties with ambitious talented people whose personalities do not want to give foreign-gray. After the death of the body, "bought" Tot Personality goes to hell, where reunited with the soul. With this experience, memory and energy of the "contractor" is still helping in the next life Soul avoid such contracts.

In 2009, He handed powers to his assistant Lord of Hell Anubis.

8.Uchitel Shambhala.

In all times, the main activity was the work of Thoth Master Shambhala. Everything else (Kumar, Prince of Peace, Lord of Hell) was an application for it. That is why from time to time takes a student, which tells about the world order through the available means pupils spiritual connection: clairvoyance, clairaudience.

In addition, the sign to the people who approached their purpose, so they do not miss or meeting.


Kumara — the best representatives from each of the human race: the Lemurian (race 3), Atlantic (4 race), Aryan (5 race) and the future has not yet called race (race 6). Numbers in the history of the Earth is 4 kumara. This sage, who bestowed immortality for any outstanding cases. Their Souls — children supreme gods (Brahma) of our universe. Kumar was the first Earth Hades Lemurian named Sanandana Kumar, the second — One Atlanta named Sanat Kumar.

Kumaras are obliged to create and rise of civilizations. First Kumara give people the knowledge that will help people to live right on the ground: the Soul, God, the universe, good and evil. On this basis are the laws and rules of society, is the transfer of scientific knowledge in all areas, improved trade, construction, life of people. That new laws and Foundations have taken root and become a way of life, the Kumaras, almost all the time live with the people in the ward for many generations.

First, create Toth civilizations were Egyptian and Sumerian. In Egyptian mythology, He is known by the names of Ra and Thoth. In Sumerian — the name of An (Anu).

Died 4 Ruler of Shambhala (about 5000 years ago), it became necessary to give people the knowledge of the future of the coming five Lords of Shambhala. He brought this knowledge in mythology Egyptian civilization in the image of the goddess Maat. In addition, it was decided to duplicate the information about 5 Lord of Shamballa, creating the Mayan civilization in Central America. The case took over Hades, and He decided to help him. In Mayan mythology, they go by the names of two twin brothers: He named Kukulcan, Hades named Quetzalcoatl.

To become an authority of another people need a lot of time. Kumara reduced this period to a minimum due to the spectacular appearance of Wiman — it ships Shambhala since Atlantis, who can not only fly, but also to swim. For too warlike tribes used Magic Wand, paralyzing people the time during which they realized that it came to the all-powerful gods.

To the Maya, and Hades He showed up at the Atlanta and Lemurian bodies, because they are comfortable to build the pyramids: more concentrated the energy needed for the job. Other nations, where the construction of the pyramids was not assumed he comes in the body of the Aryans. He takes from the body of the Aryans, who come to Shambhala for spiritual work. They no longer want to be born, so the body they no longer need.

Rebuilt the pyramids, and Hades He reintroduced his Lemurian body in somatic and Atlanta, and myself took the body of the Aryans to continue the rise of Maya civilization. After some time he left, and Hades was.

He fled to Europe, where he had a case, and then to Egypt. But it turned out that during his absence Sands brought the Sphinx, and he can not go to his house. He then appeared in a dream the future Pharaoh of Egypt and the Sphinx asked to dig out, promising to make him ruler of Egypt. While digging Sphinx He paid a visit to Greece under the name of Hermes Trismegistr. Knowledge transferred to local sages, Greece did long cultural and scientific center of the ancient world.

10. Work in the change of times the Aryan race.

In 1999, over 100-year rule of the Lords of Shambhala temporary El Morya. Choose the next time the Lord of Shambhala point was not, as in 2012 is expected the arrival of the official five Lords of Shambhala Queen Rinpoche. For this reason the position temporarily barred the Prince of Peace — The one named Sanat Kumar to start training people to the planet and change of times.

First of all — working with people to transfer knowledge to them. The most famous student of Thoth is Melchizedek. To this day he continues to work with his group and other groups of people under the name of Sanat Kumar, passing through them, channeling. There are many other Disciples of Thoth, not known to the general public.

Our change of times He decided to finish the work begun in the time of Atlantis. After the end of the world understood the Atlantis, Sirius took the Reptoids Agreement on rendering assistance to earthlings the forthcoming change of Ages. Sirius was not accidental: the solar system of the inhabited world oversees the spiritual father of Thoth. A galaxy of the Orion Nebula, which includes Sirius, oversees the spiritual father of the 5th Lord of Shambhala.

A few years ago he, along with Archangel Michael flew inhabited world Sirius to clarify in detail what will be the help of Sirius — official Saver earthlings in our change of epoch. Rescuers have already arrived and are waiting for the official recognition of their status as earthlings. And while their base on the Moon watching everything going on in the world and next, holding martial ardor foreign and foreign-gray-black — their allies.

That Orions (Inhabited Worlds Orion galaxy, which includes Sirius) will make the computer underground crystal lattice, created by Toth and other teachers of Shambhala following the death of four Lords of Shambhala. The computer is in Shambhala, in 2012 it will be activated. Let me remind you that the underground crystal lattice consists of a Power Crystal from the Tree of Life. When enabled, these crystals will begin to destroy the Dark energy within its network.

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