One day in the Kursk region Solntsevsky held series Housewarming

The day before, on November 15, Solntsevsky in the Kursk region was held just a few pleasant events for local residents.

It is known that one of the main objectives of the program of socio-economic development of our region for the period 2011-2015 is to improve the quality of life of smokers, which is impossible without the development of the social sphere, especially in the areas of the region. As the press service of the Governor, on the eve of a step forward was made in the well-being of Soltsevskom area — there have been a number of pleasant events. The village Zuevka opened a renovated kindergarten, and the new settlers in district 20 orphans received the keys to the apartment. In Solntsevskaya secondary school began working multipurpose sports field, built on the program "Gazprom — to children." In addition, after the repair reopened district House of Culture.
Speaking of kindergarten, the years of perestroika, it suffered the fate of many rural pre-schools of the time: the farm has collapsed, and the garden was closed. For a thorough renovation of the building took more than 26 million rubles, but now the 35 babies may develop in the children's team.
Guests appreciate the celebration bright and spacious rooms, modern furniture and new plumbing. Deputy Governor Alexei Zolotorev emphasized in the Kursk region, everything is done to solve the problem of shortage of places in day care — only this year for preschoolers created 2,779 seats. 
Do not disregard the local authority and orphaned children. For example, 16 residents of the area and Solntsevskoye 4 korenevtsa received 40.6 square meters. meter, fully decorated with modern materials, equipped with good plumbing and electric stoves. Last year, for owners of new homes in Solncevo have created a youth Korol'kova street, named after a hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Korol'kova. There are 24 people living in the number of children orphaned. According Zolotoreva, last year for this category of smokers purchased 545 apartments, and by 2015 the existing debt to provide housing for the citizens of the number of orphans and children left without parental care, should be closed.
Meanwhile, the students of secondary school Solntsevskaya tried playground. This building is multifunctional: you can play indoor soccer and volleyball, and basketball, and even hockey. Surface site meets all modern requirements and allows to secure young athletes from injury. But the fans were delighted discovery of cultural events Refurbished District House of Culture. He did not work 5 years, and residents of the village had to be creative in the back rooms. Now, in a building equipped with a beautiful auditorium, rooms for group work, set up a scene, purchased new furniture, flooring replaced and the heating system. The walls are reinforced with metal plates, replaced the roof and windows. Total reconstruction of the object to be invested about 13 million rubles. The deputy governor said: annually on rural social development Kursk region spends up to 500 million rubles.

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