Online store of folk art began working in Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk, before the New Year opened an online store, which suddenly began to gain popularity, especially abroad. The site hendmeyd exclusive souvenirs and accessories, the Siberian artists, clients have already signed up from 20 countries.

NTV correspondent Sergei Syrkin estimated range.

This concludes the daily Svetlana V.. At 9 pm, when economic matters are made, she gets from the store straw and weaves to 2-3 and sometimes 5 am.

Svetlana Pechenova, artist: "Sticks should be soaked. It must feel that it is myagonkaya not to break. "

For five years, hobbies home accumulated a huge collection of straw sculptures, and wants to continue, but there is no place to put them. To be seen at an exhibition of folk art, it is necessary to give at least 5000 rubles, and the buyers go there enough.

Svetlana Pechenova, the artist: "This is just a hobby, but I want to and implement. Sometimes very desirable, because the neighbors say, "But you justify glue or not. '"

Help Siberian masters justified in the eyes of friends decided in Krasnoyarsk center of folk art. At its base is an online store crafts and talents. If young hendmeydery sell their art through social networks, adult artists used to going to the fair, which has long been obsolete as a form.

Tatiana Veselin, National Center of Folk Art Krasnoyarsk region: "In recent years the problem of threading there, and masters began to realize that it is necessary to show nashtampovat, and went stamping, not works of art. And in order to make people aware, and returned to its state of the art, online store and created. "

Expand the range of the creators of the store decided by talent. After all, you can not just sell the product manual labor. Dance groups, singers often do not realize that their passion can be earned, for example, at corporate.

Tatiana Pirogov, editor: "You are free to come and knock and you open, of course. And we, of course, are looking for. We will intensify the control culture of the region, municipalities, so they tells us some of his natural gifts. "

Svetlana V. in his 70 years of active use of the Internet. Web store found by chance, but his office was two blocks from home. Asked to bring work here for photos. After processing the frame in a couple of days, straw sculptures should appear in the catalog.

Tatiana Pirogov, editor: "Dishes, souvenirs, taxidermy and the" the wedding "- there are a lot of different products."
Svetlana Pechenova, artist: "I am where?"
Tatiana Pirogov: "You are in our" souvenir "."

For customers in the virtual store of folk art will understand, the creators say. It works on the principle of popular web-stores: registrirueshsya, choose a product, method of payment and delivery, with the only difference — the store itself does no extra charges.

Sales in the online store of talent until, of course, not great, but for the first month of the portal's traffic is only increasing, and already registered users from 20 different countries. So Siberian craftsmen to organize thinking and international delivery.

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