Our civilization on Earth — the fifth


Recently, a famous researcher of ancient civilizations Ernst Muldashev returned from another, the 17th in a row, the expedition. This time, he and his colleagues visited the Kola Peninsula. Their aim was to find there traces of Bigfoot and the German "flying saucers" and solve the mystery of "merecheniya" — art that has long been owned by local shamans.

In the early twentieth century on the Kola Peninsula, the expedition visited the special department of the NKVD, led by Alexander Barchenko. She tried to explore the culture of the indigenous Sami people, which was a lot of mystery, beginning with worship sacred stones — Sadie and finishing merecheniem — the ability to inject himself into a trance, during which people repeat traffic to each other, talking in a strange language, formulated prophecy … Sometimes it occurred during communication with the shamans — Noida, sometimes near seids.

During the war, according to legend, had landed on the peninsula by representatives of Nazi occult organization "Ahnenerbe", who built here the unusual flying machines with the help of secret magical knowledge of the ancient Sami.

Meet with a snow man, rumored to inhabit there, and to find traces of the German production of "flying saucers" Muldasheva and failed. But otherwise, he told the press, the expedition was quite successful.

The scientist says that during his travels he found evidence of early terrestrial civilizations that preceded the present one. According to Muldasheva, there were four.

The first race on earth were so-called Asuras ("self-born"). They had a really huge growth — about 50 meters, were the glowing ethereal forms and communicating with each other telepathically. Presumably asuras came to Earth from the planet Phaeton, was destroyed by a disaster.

Civilization asuras lived on Earth about 10 million years, and the life of each of them lasted for thousands of years … Gradually, in the course of evolution, they have mutated and formed a new race with more compacted bodies. Its members were called Atlanteans ("born after"), or "boneless." Atlanta is also far superior to the size of modern humans, but were still less than the asuras, and had a third eye, located between the eyebrows.

Atlanteans Lemurian changed. The growth of their reaching 7-8 meters. Instead, they are already resembled modern humans had a tight body and a bony skeleton. Was divided into men and women. In Lemurian telepathic abilities and the third eye has begun to atrophy, and they are more focused on the physical senses.

Life expectancy Lemurian was much smaller than that of the previous two races, but still amounted to more than a thousand years. It Lemurian, according Muldasheva and other researchers have created the Egyptian Sphinx, Stonehenge and many megalithic complexes in Europe and South America.

In parallel to our planet began to form the fourth race — Late Atlanta, or "borei." They still had a third eye is well hidden, but the other bodies were not much different from ordinary men, and the growth was "only" 3-4 meters.

Around 25,000-30,000 years ago, the world's nuclear disaster happened. The reason for its allegedly was a conflict between the two races — the Lemurians and Atlanteans. As a result of the ensuing series of global cataclysms part of the Lemurian went into the cave where fallen into a state of "somatic" in which the body can be kept indefinitely in a "caretaker" status, and then come back to life. Part of the same left Earth in spaceships.

Meanwhile, the Atlanteans, using the knowledge acquired from the Lemurian, have managed to achieve a high level of technological development. This has helped them to build aircraft (Vimana), the Egyptian pyramids, stone idols on Easter Island, and many other facilities which are now considered historical mystery. However, as a result of the next cataclysm that part of the land on which inhabited Atlantis, the legendary Atlantis was flooded. This happened about 12,000 years ago. Even during the later Atlanteans was born the fifth Aryan civilization, that is, the modern human race, which, for lack of a third eye, developed very slowly.

For previous civilizations tell us the ancient manuscripts and findings indicating that the Earth was once inhabited by giants have extensive knowledge in various fields. By the way, Muldashev claims that during an expedition to the Himalayas found a cave where sleeping in a "somatic" the first human ancestors — Lemurians. The Kola Peninsula is supposedly the ancestral home of the modern "Aryan" race — Giperborey.

Soon Muldashev plans to travel to the east of Mongolia, and from there to the west in the direction of Russia … A new expedition will be called "In the footsteps of Genghis Khan." The scientist plans to go the way of the legendary conqueror to better understand the pattern of development and the integration of Eastern and Western civilizations.

Irina Shlionskaya

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