Penza has launched production of concrete slabs and foundation piles

Aug. 2, at the enterprise "Zhilstroi" a ceremony launching the plant for concrete production and processing lines for the production of slabs and foundation piles.

New concrete plant will improve the quality of products and increase the size of the performance of concrete in four times.

The line for the production of hollow core and fundamental piles will increase production by 2.5 times. With the new equipment can produce boards up to 11 meters.

Total investments — 299 million rubles. 

The launch of new production capacity marks the completion of the second phase of the company's modernization and the transition to the next stage, which involves the establishment of a factory for the production of components for panel construction.

The plant produces 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Here are four silos inert materials, three cement silos. All this is placed 2.5 cc mixer developed by «Liebherr». And the old and the new line of automated intelligent system provided heating materials, which is very important in the winter — in the cold material is constantly warm.

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